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Stormrider is an extraordinary and unsparing tale about the Vietnam War, and the many effects war has, but do you know what is more interesting? The author behind it is Mr. Gordon Bocher.

Stormrider, a historical novel based on true events, is written by Mr. Gordon Bocher. But why is Mr. Bocher even more interesting than the book he wrote? Find out as we get to know him better here in today’s post!

Who is Mr. Gordon Bocher — The Author of Storm Rider

Gordon Bocher (full name Gordon L. Bocher), the author of Stormrider, a historical novel based on true events, served 11-and-a-half years in the Air Force. He flew 177 combat rides as a Fire Control Officer (FCO) on board an AC-130A Gunship. With his role as a rescue navigator, Bocher participated in the attempted rescue mission of the 53 hostages being held in Iran.

Throughout his many services, Bocher was given the Purple Heart, the Conspicuous Service Award from Gov. Mario Cuomo, two nominations for the Silver Star, and two Distinguished Flying Cross medals. Bocher’s personal story was documented in two front-page tales in the Veterans of Foreign Wars magazine, People magazine, Newsday, and the Colorado Star. It was even featured in The Book of Man by William Bennett.

Born in 1942 (during this year, World War II was still occurring), Gordon Bocher grew up on Long Island with his two siblings and parents. When he “came of age,” he faced whether to join the Vietnam War or not be involved. He did join, but tragedy struck on June 18, 1972, and he lost his good friend, Capt. Paul F. Gilbert.

In 2008, Bocher fully retired from his job as an air-traffic controller. He later changed his focus and committed his time to write War literature. Now, he has written Storm Rider, sharing the truth of what happened (as he experienced) that is not mentioned in other books or news.

Why Did Mr. Bocher Wrote Storm Rider

In Gordon Bocher’s words, he has lived a pretty unusual life. He heard from Joshua, his son, and realized how much misinformation was spreading about Vietnam. What’s even worse is that many individuals accept them as fact.

He then mentions the 10-part series on Vietnam that aired on PBS. Bocher explains that the final two episodes had false conjectures, terrible presumptions, and erroneous so-called “certainties.” He then talks about the 15-minute briefing from Gen. James A. Hill of the unfortunately tragic and aborted rescue mission attempt to save the hostages in Iran, which readers can find in his book.

Overall, the main reason why Bocher wrote the book is to share his accounts of what truly happened. And in his own words, his book is the only place where people can discover the true history of what transpired. A well-informed electorate is essential to have a functioning democracy. Bocher believes that the same mistakes we made in Vietnam happened again in Iraq because American voters didn’t know the entire story and truth about the Vietnam War.

Gordon Bocher is confident that his book will provide the reader with the missing link — the missing puzzle piece — to complete the Vietnam War story that people never knew or heard about.

Stormrider, a historical novel based on true events, aims to provide readers with a much clearer picture to better understand what happened, why certain decisions were made, and why things ended up as they are now.

So, are you ready to find out what happened during the Vietnam War? Then check out Gordon Bocher’s website here so that you can purchase and start reading Storm Rider today!


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