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Dr. Ronald T. Tyler is the author of the eye-opening and infiltrating Christian book, The Spiritual Discernment Guide

A myriad of Christian books are available in local bookstores and libraries for people to read. These books are made as a means to spread and take the truth of God’s Word. Dr. Ronald T. Tyler’s book, The Spiritual Discernment Guide, provides readers exposé of false teachings and Satan’s deceptions and how to identify them. He proficiently discloses comparisons and explanations of subject matters like different self-centered religions, beliefs, ideologies, deception, human creation, and occultism.  

Dr. Ronald T. Tyler

Author of the rising Christian book, The Spiritual Discernment Guide, Dr. Ronald T. Tyler is a retired English professor, former newspaper reporter, editor, and New-Age cult member. Dr. Tyler is a resident of Arizona, United State together with his ever-supportive wife, Virginia Tyler. 

For ten years, Dr. Tyler was a member of Gurdjieff Foundation. A cult created after the death of George Gurdjieff and is based on his ideas. Before joining cults, Dr. Ronald T. Tyler was deeply involved in spiritual movements and beliefs such as transcendentalism, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, astrology, and numerology. He also engaged himself with the use of the Ouija board and a wide array of New Age-type activities. Dr. Ronald T. Tyler even tried liberal, humanistic church-type “Christianity”. After immersing himself with Christianity, he finally came and found the Lord during the peak of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He then became a Bible teacher and small group leader in Arizona. 

Dr. Tyler has vast knowledge and first-hand experience on the misuse of semantics and logic. Moreover, he is versed in the techniques that false teachers use to brainwash their members and mislead Christians. With his knowledge and personal experience, he published The Spiritual Discernment Guide that reveals lies and deceptions that every Christians may encounter due to the rising of false prophets. 

The Spiritual Discernment Guide 

Are the seeds of apostasy endangering and infiltrating the body of Christ? Are we facing the end-times apostasy? Is there a remedy from the apostasy? Questions as such are answered in this book. Dr. Ronald T. Tyler wrote The Spiritual Discernment Guide to expose the network of deceptions, strategies, and techniques of Satan. This book brings an abundance of eye-opening analysis and explanation of spiritual discernment and true versus false spirituality from the first-hand experience, knowledge, and research carried out by the author himself. Dr. Ronald T. Tyler’s book offers a clear, readable, engaging, and comprehensive composition of various significant topics. The book provides criteria, principles, skills necessary for practicing spiritual discernment. Readers will be explained of the logical fallacies and semantic manipulations of Satan. The book provides a contrast between the standards of the Bible and the philosophies, religions, and movements that are widespread in the world. 

The book lays out facts on false teachings and the seed of apostasy that is infiltrating the body of Christ. It provides a thorough training guide for readers on the principles and applications of spiritual discernment. Astounding attestations and evidence are presented on the predicament the church is currently facing which is the spiritual death and the falling away of many people from the faith that Jesus predicted. The book provides a remedy for this predicament. The remedy being disclosed by one scripture from the Bible which is heeding God’s Word and practicing spiritual discernment to reveal the deceptions of the devil. 

This book is supplied with a full and detailed exposition of the disparity concerning the beliefs on creationism and evolution as well as the theistic evolution that contradicts the Bible. In addition to that, a comprehensive assessment of the New Age movement undermines Christianity. Other subject matters outlined in the book are secular psychology, false charismatic and anti-charismatic teachings, humanism, eastern religions, occultism, and satanism. 

To know more about Dr. Ronald T. Tyler and his work, grab a copy of his book, or visit his website today!


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