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Carolyn Nooks Teague is the author of The Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from Womb to the School.

There are hundreds of learning guidebooks published there, but there is none as groundbreaking and comprehensive as The Dimensions of Learning” A Blueprint for Learning from Womb to the School by Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague. The book provides guides on how to help mothers develop their children’s full potential starting from pre-birth to school age. Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague’s remarkable work, based on research and studies, makes her one of the leading figures in today’s child development studies. Today, we will learn more about the amazing woman behind this excellent guidebook.

Carolyn Nooks Teague is a retired elementary teacher who has taught for thirty years in Cincinnati and Chicago’s public and private schools.

Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Brain-Compatible-Learning. Aside from being an elementary teacher, Dr. Teague was a preschool director and college adjunct professor. Carolyn herself is a daughter of an elementary teacher. Her mother, who loved all children unconditionally, taught her about the connectedness of the many parts of the child and the importance of addressing each part. This early exposure to child development studies would significantly impact Carolyn and the career path she had taken.

While teaching in Chicago with the Woodlawn Experimental Schools program, Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague volunteered at the Plano Child Development Center. There, she learned about the hidden disability impact and vision dysfunction and its negative impact on student learning. Dr. Teague was then invited to be an educational consultant for Chicago’s Center for Inner City Studies, where she wrote and developed programs on the Psycholinguistic Approach to Learning. She also worked with parents and teachers in Topeka, Los Angeles, and Chicago on how to use this program to increase student academic success.

After her tenure at the Center for Inner City Studies, Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague worked as an educational consultant with Harcourt, Brace Publishing Company. It was during her time there that she got married and moved back to Cincinnati, her hometown. After having children, she returned to the classroom as a fourth-grade teacher.

Carolyn Nook Teague’s The Dimensions of Learning” A Blueprint for Learning from Womb to the School is a product of years of research, observation, and work experience.

Dr. Teague has traveled extensively and worked with many institutions. Her perception of education is influenced by what she has researched and discovered as sound and constant in various cultures. Dr. Teague was invited to a national science conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she had the opportunity to observe Brain-Compatible-Learning techniques in the classroom. The institution’s curricular development and sequence of skills presented in the elementary schools had a profound impact on Dr. Teague. It affirmed that the child’s obvious physical and emotional development was considered the prerequisite for cognitive development. This visit, along with her mother’s influence and her studies with hidden disabilities, would form the basic concepts of teaching the “Whole Child “and the significant role of brain development in the total progress of child development.

In 2017, Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague released her groundbreaking work on child development. It is a genuinely remarkable book that would help parents, teachers, and counselors ensure the comprehensive growth and well-being of children. The book is titled The Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from Womb. In this well-written guidebook, Dr. Teagues hopes to assist parents in raising well-rounded and well-developed young individuals. 

Today, Dr. Carolyn Nooks Teague enjoys her time as a full-time children’s advocate, tutor, vision therapist, and now author. Dr. Teague is a grandmother, an avid researcher, and a lifetime learner. She enjoys swimming, line dancing, and going to the movies. She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can purchase her book, The Dimensions of Learning, via Amazon or by visiting her official author’s website today.


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