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Have you ever heard of a reader-turned-writer? If not, then Donna J. Thompson’s story as an author will amaze you!

Donna Thompson (full name Donna J. Thompson) is the author of two books, Plot Twist and Lost Causes. Both books have rich and well-developed characters, amazing twists, and masterful storytelling that’ll leave readers glued. However, who exactly is Donna J. Thompson, and what makes her unique as a writer?

Let’s find out!

Who is Donna J. Thompson?

Donna J. Thompson is both a mother and grandmother to a joined family. Aside from writing, her hobbies are reading books and gardening. She resides in a small town outside the city limits with her two cats (cutely named Pretty and Midnight) and her veteran husband.

Being a reader-turned-writer, Donna believes that each individual she gets a chance to be acquainted with has a story to tell. She’s also quite observant about what’s happening to her surroundings and the people she meets. This level of observation of people aids her in writing regarding the complex characters in her books and how she makes each of them come alive through the pages of her novels.

What are the Books She Wrote?

As mentioned above, Donna J. Thompson has two books, Plot Twist and Lost Causes. Though they have similarities (both murder mysteries share a single main character), they differ in many things. We’ll be tackling both books here a bit, so be sure to hang on your seat!

• Plot Twist – A secretive and manipulative woman sets up a fake kidnapping for attention, with her hoping that he would pay 1 million so she could safely return. However, something goes horribly wrong, and the woman ends up perishing. And it’s Detective Karl Larkin’s job to figure everything out. Quite the shocker, right?

Well, that’s just the first of many plot twists from a book with the same title. Donna Thompson showcases her skills as an excellent writer in this novel, and the twists never truly get boring. Readers will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats as the story progresses.

• Lost Causes – In Lost Causes, when a beautiful Psychologist named Casey West contacts Detective Karl Larkin about a wild story regarding the mental hospital where she works, Mr. Larkin dismisses it. He has, after all, worked in Springfield for twenty years, and Lakeview never honestly had any complaints smearing the establishment’s name.

However, when one of Casey’s friends, Trudy Madison (a nurse), is brutally murdered and the story that the establishment’s management gave does not corroborate, Mr. Larking starts to doubt the mental hospital’s word and thinks that perhaps Casey’s story might not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

What Makes Donna a Unique Writer?

There are plenty of excellent murder mystery and thriller writers out there, but what makes Donna J. Thompson unique is her constant ability to create compelling plot twists. Like in Plot Twist, it’s not your standard, get clue-chase murderer-solve case formula that most novels have.

Readers are taken by the hand and led to a roller coaster in which they have no idea where it’ll twist, when it’ll dip, and when all of it will end while keeping them engaged all the time. When you think there was a promising lead, it turns out that it was instead a dead end, another red herring that wasted Mr. Larkin’s time and kept the readers guessing.

Donna Thompson is a brilliant writer that can set up many twists and turns in her novels. We encourage everyone to visit her website here to experience the fantastic and thrilling tales that Donna J. Thompson offers!


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