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Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague is the author of the book Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School.

Today, ReadersMagnet features a woman who passionately helps parents empower and build up their children to success and their greatest potential. Like any parent, we want our kids to grow up confident, kind, resilient, with respect for others and the world around them, and an amazing sense of self-worth. It is in the parents’ hands to guide a child towards this goal. Whether it be the first time, second, or third, parenting is hard work. Raising children is one of the hardest and challenging jobs one will encounter. It is assuring to know that there are still those who assist parents every step of a child’s development. 

Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague

Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague is an experienced teacher, parent, and author from Cincinnati, Ohio. She went to Xavier University to study B.S. French and M.E. Elementary Education. Her educational and academic background includes Ed.D Education, Education Field of Study, Educational Leadership, and Administration/ Brain-Compatible Curriculum she earned from the University of Cincinnati. 

Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague taught elementary in both public and private schools in Cincinnati and Chicago for three decades. Before retiring, she worked as an elementary teacher, preschool director, and college adjunct professor.  

Now, Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague spends most of her time practicing sensory-integrated vision therapy. She also spends her energy helping parents identify their child’s future potential and empowering them. If there’s time to spare, the author engages in recreational activities like listening to music, watching movies, and dancing. 

Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School

Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School is Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague’s first and only book (as of the moment). This was first published in late 2017 with 188 pages in total. This comprehensive and informative guidebook designed by Carolyn Nooks offers a practical approach to assisting a child’s development starting from the womb up to the time he or she goes to school. This guidebook explores how a child’s learning process works and how parents and teachers can play an active role in the child’s growth. 

For the first two dimensions of learning, the womb, and the home, parents are in charge. The author encourages parents to develop resiliency in their children to help prepare them for life outside of the home. Do you know how to develop resiliency in your child? Have you taught him or her how to deal with bullying? Parents are reminded of developmental milestones and how to use them. Home tests and activities are provided to help parents support normal development as well as recognize the symptoms of possible developmental delays or conditions.

The role of the teacher is highlighted during the third dimension of learning. Teachers are encouraged to connect to each child at an emotional level, to seek knowledge of the child’s interests, talents and passions. Information that will increase the teacher’s awareness of hidden disabilities and how to recognize their symptoms is provided. For example, do you have a student that leans to one side when reading or complains about tags in clothing? The author shares science-informed teaching strategies that demonstrate how the brain learns and how being aware of this can change a child’s life (Excerpt from Amazon). 

There are no perfect parents. A good parent can make a bad decision here and there. And Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague’s book guides making informed decisions to bring out the best in a child and empower their future. After all, what’s important in being an effective parent is what one can do over time.  

For more information about the author and her work, purchase a copy of Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague’s book Three Dimensions of Learning, or visit www.


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