Author Feature: Audrey A. Thomas, Esq.

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Who is Audrey A. Thomas, Esq.

Audrey A. Thomas Esq. is a former prosecutor for the Brooklyn D.A. and currently the private practice owner in Queens, N.Y. She is building her own media empire with a website, radio show, internet television presence, and a magazine. Her life was like a roller coaster ride that goes through ups and downs. She may have gone through many challenging obstacles in life, but she shared many life lessons; personal transformation, maintaining a positive outlook in life, and intellectual development on Audrey’s book. Audrey A. Thomas was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and was smuggled into the United States at 10. For about nine years, she was an illegal alien and ultimately gained United States citizenship through Ronald Reagan’s amnesty program in 1989. Audrey survived rape and child molestation. She was a married “single mother” with seven children and a spouse who lived in Jamaica. Audrey gave birth to her first child at the age of 15. She survived adultery, domestic violence, and many other things that would have ruined any person’s life. While attending law school, Audrey survived on public assistance (welfare). When she finally finished law school, she married Jermaine T. Thomas and had two more children with him; her life wasn’t complicated enough.

Audrey’s Life Lessons

Her life lessons are important because they transformed her into the person she is today when her attitude starts to change, and she accepts Christ. Maintaining a positive outlook in life helps her reach her dreams and beyond. And her intellectual development plays an essential aspect in her growth, embracing her various mental abilities. Mental development includes such abilities as attending, perceiving, observing, remembering, imagining, thinking, solving problems, and growth of intelligence and language. Audrey’s role as an attorney and counselor at law qualified her into the position as mother of nine, radio host, motivational speaker, youth advocate, humanitarian, and author of several books like Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart. This book reinforces the conclusion that formal education is better than socializing. The book shows that intellectual growth and a change in perspective will change hate. It provides the reader with a feeling of empowerment that only Audrey A. Thomas, Esq. can provide.

Audrey believes that her past lives make her uniquely qualified to speak about all things emotional. She is qualified to lead the conversation on matters of the heart and finds an urgent need to have this conversation. You may find this boastful, but she assures you that her statement is valid. Her favorite quote is, “IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, BRUSH YOURSELF OFF AND TRY AGAIN.” It is because she has overcome much adversity. Hence, she continues to excel and declares that being earmarked made her tolerant, compassionate, and understanding. Audrey A. Thomas repeatedly says, “The things worth having do not come by struggle. Success is as simple as choosing to turn and walk in the other direction.”

Failure to Man is Not Failure to God

Furthermore, in her book entitled “Failure to Man is Not Failure to God,” she wanted to make sure that she accomplished the mission of empowering us in our ability to forgive ourselves by opting not to dwell in, on, or around shame. She wrote this book to discourage shame. Believing that shame is not of God. Shame, however, is the source of all of the pain, frustration, and anxiety one may experience. It is the source of suicide; it is the culprit behind most crimes of passion, and shame is the catalyst for failure. Let our negative experiences change us for the better and not the worse.


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