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Dr. Arline Westmeier is the author of the inspiring spiritual book series Healing the Wounded Soul.

For many years now, Dr. Arline Westmeier has inspired many readers on their spiritual journey through her Healing the Wounded Soul book series. It is a four-part self-help book that emphasizes the concept of inner wholeness. Healing the Wounded Soul books volume 1 to 4 by Dr. Westmeier answers some of the essential questions related to our spiritual and emotional well-being, such as how to embrace the idea of forgiveness, why we suffer, and why do we suffer despite our strong faith and devotion to God. Today, we will get to know more about the author behind these heartwarming books.

Arline Westmeier

Dr. Arline (Maust) Westmeier was born into a very dedicated Mennonite household. Since she was a kid at the young age of 3 1/2 years old, Arline already accepted Jesus into her life. Arline always felt that she was called to be a missionary. Inspire by Jesus healing the sick; she decided to go into nursing school.

One of the turning points of Arline’s life was when her mother had a massive brain hemorrhage, which robbed her capacity to speak and move seven weeks before her graduation. Arline and her sister cared for her for three years. Nine weeks before her mother’s death, their father passed away. Arline considers these losses as God’s three-year university course to prepare her to understand others’ difficulties and pain. It made her a stronger yet empathic person.

As a counselor, Dr. Arline Westmeier has been invited to present healing and counseling seminars in many countries, including the United States, Europe, Africa, and Central and South America. Her years of experience in counseling enabled her to come up with a four-volume set of helpful resources that focus on one’s journey towards finding complete healing. In these books, Westmeier expertly tackles different facets and processes of healing. As a person of strong faith, Westmeier also integrates the importance of faith and how God’s grace and guidance can also be an integral part of this healing process.

Dr. Arline Westmeier has two children- a son and a daughter now are now adults. She is also blessed with two teenage grandsons. Since her beloved husband’s death in April 2018, Westmeier has been living in Grantsville, MD., located in the beautiful Alleghany Mountains.

Published Works

Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness, Volume I

The first book deals with the basic questions of our faith. Some of these questions include “If I am a Christian, why do I still suffer from my painful memories?”, “If God has forgiven me for everything, why do I still feel depressed and inferior to others?”, “How can I forgive someone who has hurt me so much? “, and If God loves me so much, why doesn’t He get me out of the mess I’m in?” In this book, Dr. Westmeier attempts to provide answers that hopefully will liberate us from these doubts and pains.

Healing the Wounded Soul: Closing Open Doors, Volume 2

The second part of the series picks up from where the first book left. The topics in the book included temptation and why it is hard to control, suffering and pain, and anger. Dr. Arline Westmeier talks about dealing with these remaining weak spots or open doors from biblical principles and based on her counseling experiences.

Healing the Wounded Soul: Taking Every Thought Captive, Volume 3

Book three provides a very interesting read. In this book, Dr. Aline Westmeier helps us deal with the problem of organizing our thoughts. Many times, we often forget something or unsure of our tasks at hand because we have so many distractions. In this volume, she invites us to examine our thought life and listen more intently to the voice of God.

Healing the Wounded Soul: Healing Wounded Relationships, Volume 4

The latest volume is a timely read for everyone. In this book, Dr. Arline Westmeier discussed one of the most important things in life: relationships and how to heal wounded ones. She covers various types of relationships, from our friends in churches, our colleagues, friends, neighbors to intimate relationships in the family and those of married couples. Westmeier imparts key points on why friendships break up, or marriages sometimes fail and how to process these losses, heal, and then move on to the next stage in life.


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