Author Feature: Annette K Mazzone and a Tale of End Days

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Annette K Mazzone is the author of a gripping and masterfully written book that talks about the struggles of one girl in a world that condemns faith.

Annette’s book, Lily Among Thorns, is a Christian end-times story that tackles faith, persecution, and the coming of our final days. The end of days is certainly coming, and we must prepare for it in whatever way we can. In the book, Lily shows readers how they can keep their faith regardless of persecution or trials.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Anette herself and talk about who she is, what her book is about, and what message she’s trying to deliver.

Who Is Annette K. Mazzone?

As a devout Christian, Annette K. Mazzone uses her talent for writing to glorify God. She hopes to spread the kindness of the Doctrine of Christ. The author also values an excellent Bible study and makes the most of the gifts and passions God has given her.

What Is Lily Among Thorns All About?

In Annette K. Mazzone’s novel “Lily Among Thorns,” a despotic leader led by the “global leader,” or “man of sin,” as described in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, ascends to power in the early years of the twenty-first century. The protagonist of the book is Lily, a twenty-something lady whose terrible sins against humanity are her faith in the Bible and her affection for the Lord.

Despite being oppressed by a society that is constantly monitoring her, she is able to maintain her faith. As Lily’s story goes on, she discovers along the journey that, as Genesis 50:20 states, there are people who are religious everywhere.

Lily Among Thorns narrates a stirring tale of faith and bravery set in a world where defending one’s principles will bring consequences. Readers will be able to enjoy a book full of lines from the scripture. It’s also an excellent resource to figure out how to spiritually prepare ourselves for the final days.

What Message Can People Get From Annette K Mazzone?

As we’ve mentioned before, people can expect to get a book filled with lines from the Bible to help solidify God’s words. Readers can also use the book to help them prepare for the final days. It’s a Christian end-times story that anyone shouldn’t miss out on.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the book:

• “I nodded yes, and before I had a change of heart, I found the gumption to pull myself away from his arms of devotion. After I quickly made my way back to the exit door, I now stood poised and ready once more with my hand ready to press down onto the door handle. At this most critical juncture, Caleb decided to call out to me once again…

• “Closing my Bible, I began to reflect on Eli’s part in the story and how it was that without even knowing the reason for Hannah’s many tears of heartache, Eli spoke only words of comfort and hoped in the Lord. He the Lord granted Hannah’s request, and I knew without a doubt, I could and always should go to the Lord for everything, which absolutely included, and most importantly, my heart’s desires…

Get Lily Among Thorns Today!

Religious and avid fans of spiritual novels should certainly purchase a copy of the book today. The end times are coming, and Annette K Mazzone is here to help us prepare with a Christian end-times story God prompted her to write.

Grab a copy of Lily Among Thorns by visiting Annette’s website at Don’t forget to check out our other articles and read our Lily Among Thorns book feature!


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