Anthony F. Raimondo’s “Protect and Serve” Earns Good Reviews from Book Reviewers

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Anthony F. Raimondo’s “Protect and Serve” is about two detectives who encounter Jesus Christ in the guise of a homeless man as they carry out an investigation.

Anthony F. Raimondo’s second novel, Protect and Serve, follows an Italian detective, Mose “Mussolini” Dalini, and his partner, Alfonzo “Hitler” Hitali, patrolling the city street for the serial killer on the loose. After meeting two prostitutes, they encountered the Homeless Man, who happens to be God in the guise of a bearded man.

The book received good reviews from review publications. A review in The US Review of Books stated that the “book is a convincing, atmospheric detective mystery with fleshed-out characters who discover more about themselves and their beliefs when thrust into difficult situations.”

“Readers and fans certainly have something to look forward to with the next stimulating book in this growing series,” the review added.

A review from IndieReader, however, said, “the novel’s flat delivery and hurried plot provide little in the way of amusement or enlightenment.”

Seattle Book Review thinks otherwise. Book reviewer Foluso Falaye gave the book 5/5 stars and described the book as a “captivating narrative of crime, miracles, and generosity.”

“The reader is drawn into the narrative by the intriguing spiritual themes, the mentally engaging, meticulous investigations add to the mystery and tension,” Falaye wrote in his review.

The book also got a positive rating from the Pacific Book Review, which states that the “reading experience with this book has been inspirational and uplifting.”

A review in the Manhattan Book Review said, “The crime fiction elements of Protect and Serve are interesting and show potential to form a compelling and coherent story…”

Protect and Serve also received positive reviews from Portland Book Review, which said the author “brings this story to life with undeniable compassion and empathy.” Tulsa Book Review also rated the book 4 out of 5 stars for the “redeeming qualities through the storytelling.”

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Bridging the gap between fiction and theology

Author Bio

Anthony “Doc” Raimondo is a storyteller, an educator, and a film and radio producer.  He has a passion and gift for sharing stories that uplift the spirit. As a child, he discovered that he enjoyed storytelling and public speaking.

His novel Protect and Serve is based from Bible verses (Matthew 25:40 and Matthew 25:45). As an educator, he believes that only actual shared experience comes from oral storytelling.

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