Ananda: Poetry for the Soul by Lali A. Love

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Thank you for the opportunity to feature my poetry collection, Ananda: Poetry for the Soul.

What is your book all about?

Ananda is a Sanskrit word that translates to the discovery of the bliss within us. It is a metaphysical and esoteric poetic sonata for the evolution of the soul that reflects the stages of self-mastery throughout the awakening journey. With harmonic verses, each healing poem provides therapeutic, meditative, and transformative reading for self mastery. It is a handbook for the well-being of the Soul, with messages of hope and transcendence that imbues each page and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity.

What inspired you to write the book?

The past year has been a difficult adjustment for everyone around the world. With all the darkness and fear surrounding the pandemic, I was guided to write inspirational and uplifting poetry to help the reader connect within themselves, to discover hope and joy regardless of the dismal external environment. The 39 poems provide wisdom and insights into divine truths, inner purpose, self-love, and mastery. It is an opportune time to support conscious communities by celebrating distinctive artistic expressions of concord, peace, and love. Poetry is music for the soul that continues to feed our spirits with grace, humility, and liberating harmonics.

What is your target audience for the book?

Ananda may be enjoyed by everyone seeking to discover their inherent power and inner peace, through the remembrance and expansion of our consciousness, regardless of age. It is a commemoration of the divine feminine energy that resides in all beings, specifically honoring life and our incredible Mother Earth.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

Ananda is a beautiful esoteric poetry that takes you to a magical place both within and outside of yourself. My intention is to help guide the reader on their journey to self discovery, and to empower the reader with hope and transcendence. I provide my healing and transformative poetry to inspire love-coherent change within each and every person, so they can discover their multi-dimensionality and co-create their own existence, manifesting all that their hearts truly desire. My intention for writing these rhythmic verses is to uplift, elevate consciousness, and stimulate heart-centered elation.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

I will continue to write poetry for my upcoming fantasy novels as dedications. I have another published book filled with transformational and enlightening poetry, wisdom, and art anthology, The Joy of I.T. (Infinite Transcendence) which is only available in hardcover, full color coffee table format to feast all the senses.

It is a compilation of affirmative insights, featuring the generous contributions of healing poetry by Gillian Small and visionary mixed media artwork by Aurelien PumaYana Floret, Michelle Aristocrat, Autumn Skye, and Daniel Holeman. It has been a pleasure presenting their creations, as we spread the light of Divine love through this magical tapestry of artistic expression. Featuring a collection of forty poems, artwork, mantras, and affirmations, The Joy of I.T. will motivate, enlighten, and cultivate your senses with visually stimulating vibrational frequencies of love.

A wonderful gift idea for the holidays or special occasions, The Joy of I.T. may be enjoyed as a coffee table book or by your bedside table for a boost of mystical adrenaline, guiding your journey toward self mastery, harmony and infinite transcendence for the well being of all.

And something more about yourself.

I have been writing for the past six years and published my first metaphysical thriller, an award-winning novel, Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light in July 2019. Since then, I have received a Global e-Book Gold Award, the Elite Choice Gold Award, the Book of Excellence Award, and the International Reader’s Favorite Bronze Award for quality and powerful storytelling.

My second paranormal fantasy book, The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance was release on Aug. 1 2020, and it is the first book in the young adult Ascending Angel Academy series. It has reached the Amazon best seller list multiple times and has also won multiple book awards. I am currently writing the second book in the series, to be released in summer of 2021.

I also published my poetry books The Joy of I.T. and Ananda: Poetry for the Soul in 2020, during the pandemic lock downs. I live in Canada and work full time as a Business Transformation Architect, which is a fancy word for managing change.

I aspire to write stimulating, thought-provoking, and relevant character-based novels and uplifting poetry that relates to modern day issues and invoke an emotional response in my readers. I have researched and studied epistemology and metaphysics to further my understanding of the Universal Laws of Energy. As an intuitive, alchemist, and energy healer, I have been called to embody the light, anchored in love, kindness, and gratitude, to help uplift humanity.

With humility, compassion, and grace, I intend to help elevate levels of consciousness for the highest good, empowering individuals to seek their authentic truth. I am an advocate for self-healing journeys, self-actualization, equality, diversity, unity, women, and children.

I provide my spiritual healing transmutations through my Instagram account, under the handle @vibrationslovelight. My preferred writing platform is Twitter (@laliaristo), where I am a proud member and supporter of the writing community, poets, creatives, and indie authors. You can find all my social media handles and book links on my web site,

With much love and gratitude, sending you blessings of joy and inner peace.


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