An Enemy of the Villagers by Mniko Chacha

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An Enemy of the Villagers is a book with five stories, namely: The Hyenas’ Kingdom, A Letter from the Battlefield, The Dumps Digger, The Strange Midnight, and An Enemy of the Villagers. All these stories are set in Africa.

The first story, ‘The Hyenas’ Kingdom’ exposes the power of wisdom in leadership, fighting rival Kingdoms and winning them. The story starts with two Kings leading neighbouring Kingdoms, but they believed in two different notions; the Hyenas’ King invested efforts in training and deploying Hyenas as fighting warriors of his Kingdom. The Hyenas attacked and killed cows of Ant-Hyenas King, and sent back home the cow skin for industrial purposes. Ant-Hyenas King believed that in order the wealthy of cows in his Kingdom to thrive and increase, the gangs of Hyenas which belonged to Hyenas’ Kingdom must be killed.

Ant-Hyenas King thought it was necessary to use experienced warriors in planning the war, but he was later informed that there was a famous dancer in his Kingdom whom could use small efforts with big wisdom to win the war. He agreed and involved the famous dancer, Mr. Motengi, in war planning. Through his wisdom, Ant-Hyenas Kingdom won the war before the dawning. Soon after the victory, one of the soldiers turned back and said with a trembling voice. “We have won the battle, but it was tough like pulling teeth from the mouth of a grown up man.”

The second story, ‘A Letter from the Battlefield’ brightens your mind with the real experience of finding love even in battlegrounds because love is limitless. This story involves Mr. Wambura, a soldier who fought Kagera War in 1978-1979. Before going to the battleground, he was a fisherman in Lake Victoria. One night, he witnessed Ebitoke’s mother being assassinated by the crime gang while travelling from Bukoba to Mwanza for a seminar. He knew the murderers by names and faces, but they did not know that he saw them. Later, it was revealed that Ebitoke’s father played a great role in the assassination of Ebitoke’s mother. Husband killing Wife was a hot agenda in town. In the battleground, Mr. Wambura got injured by a bullet. Knowing that his demise was near, he wrote a love letter explaining how much he loved Ebitoke.

The third story, ‘The Dumps Digger’ displays the way a family conflict if not managed may escalate and cause endless troubles even to non-family members. The story begins with The Dumps Digger who quarreled with his second wife to the extent he locked her in a bed room and disappear. His wife telephoned the Police Station for assistance; the police rescued her from a locked room. However, they asked her to pay them bribe so that they could find and assassinate her husband (The Dumps Digger). One police woman disagreed to receive the bribe money, so she abandoned the mission. Misunderstandings among the police escalated and the police woman vowed to disclose the assassination mission to the Dumps Digger.

The fourth story, ‘The Strange Midnight’ explores how powerful the father’s love encourages his child in difficult times. It empowers a child to see the light at the end of the misery. It begins by Uchendu who lived with his son in a poor house at Loneth Street, Lagos-Nigeria. One midnight, the heavy rain with devastating thunderstorm hit the house until it demised. Despite his child cried, trembled, and lost hope, Uchendu stood firm and encourage him until the bright sun rays lit the earth in the new morning.

The fifth story, ‘An Enemy of the Villagers’ displays the way a leader whom people believed and voted for may change and betray the same people. A Leopard invaded a village in Northern Tanzania and attacked villagers with agony and hatred. Two people died instantly, many sheep were murdered. The Village leader convinced them to take their sheep to an investor who promised a highly protected ranch for their sheep. Villagers agreed and took their sheep to the ranch, but soon thereafter the guy whom they believed to be an investor stole all sheep. He ended up telling them that the Leopard has invaded the ranch and killed all sheep. All Villagers reacted with anger, agony, hungry, and empty stomach seeking justice.

The need of human intellect for dealing with leadership conflicts, natural disasters, family conflicts, and society conflicts in both old and modern times has inspired me to write this book.

This book fits for a read by children of 13 years old to adult people of 70 years old.

Whoever read this book will enjoy the use of simple and clear language, unforgettable settings, wise characters, story line, pure creativity, and wonderful traditions.

My future goal concerning this book is to see it being converted into Audible and Video Format. So, I am searching for legible Audio or Video Publisher who can acquire the audio or video Rights of this book.

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Mniko Chacha is a self-published Author; he has successfully published four books, namely: Songs of African Fathers, An Enemy of the Villagers, Kiraka Cha Ukombozi (this is a Swahili novel), and Weka Pesa Pata Pesa (this is a Swahili poetry).

All these books are available on Amazon through this link:

His other creative works have been published by Pander Sarvant, Rock City Eye Magazine, and 13 Alphabet Magazine.


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