ALA 2022 Shines with Star-Studded Conference and Exhibition Event

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Get ready for a stellar event as the oldest and biggest library association in the world gather for a six-day event of inspiring talks, networking, and shared thought processes with some of the biggest names in the library profession, including special celebrity guests from on and off-screen. ReadersMagnet joins the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition this coming June 23-28, 2022, in Washington DC for this most anticipated physical gathering comeback of academes from all walks of life, library staff and professionals, authors, publishers, literature fans, and many more!

What ALA Is All About

Since its inception on October 6, 1876, American Library Association, or ALA, seeks “to provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.” 

Because of this mission, strategic directions have been created to focus on transforming how libraries, both as a profession and as advocacy, would impact education, intellectual freedom, literacy, and even diversity. The ALA’s program initiatives, especially its annual conference and exhibition, pave the way for realizing its mission and, more importantly, for shining the spotlight on our library professionals and the role library plays in society. 

Shining names to grace ALA

One of the reasons to look forward to this year’s ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition is the guest speakers and presentations all set up to educate, create an impact, and engage its attendees.

For book lovers out there, the name alone of R.L. Stine is enough to get those eyes to widen in delight! This world-renowned bestselling author, one of the guests of this year’s event, has sold over 400 million books, translated into 35 languages, setting him on par among the bestselling writers ever in history. From his first bestseller, teen horror novel “Blind Date” to his upcoming new book “Stinetinglers,” R.L. Stine is a legend, a force to be reckoned with in literature.

Of course, the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022 also attracted some of the biggest names on the silver screen. Who hasn’t heard of Channing Tatum, currently one of the stars in Hollywood? This sexy dancing Magic Mike actor, set to make a virtual presentation at the conference, is also a producer and director. And (surprise, surprise) a children’s book author in his own right! His “The One and Only Sparkella” book debuted at the top spot in New York Times.

Acting celebrities John Cho and Tiffany Haddish also join the event, adding their names to the list of authors and publishing their books reflecting their advocacies on racism and childhood literacy. 

Notwithstanding the celebrities, the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition will also be attended by award-winning authors, publishers, and literacy advocates, such as Malinda Lo, Jane Park, Linda Sue Park, Philip Lee, and Christina Soontornvat. Patricia “Patty” Wong leads the team, being the first Asian American to become the president of the American Library Association. For 37 years, Patty Wong has been an active member of the ALA, serving as an Executive Board member and a committee member of the association’s Freedom to Read Foundation, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Committee on Legislation, and the Conference Committee.

What to expect

2022’s ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition brings an exciting curated event of speaking engagements, educational sessions, digital experiences of virtual presentations, presentations on the latest updates and highlights on library research, advancements, and innovations, book exhibitions, book signings, meet and greet with authors, other networking opportunities, and so much more!

ReadersMagnet is set to promote its authors and connects with over 900 vendors during the event to support library services, library professional development, and the advancement of literacy advocacy.

Sounds interesting, right? To join, register at ReadersMagnet, call 1-800-805-0762, or email [email protected]. See you there!

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