The Actual Value of Mother Mary and Her Effect on Everybody

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“Madonna of the Ways” by Jeanne Tiefenbach, an artist and art teacher, aims to showcase Mother Mary’s importance in her book. The Blessed Virgin Mary has always been a prominent figure in the Bible. She brought Jesus Christ into the world, which is excellent, but people only see her as that. No one truly knows the actual value of Mother Mary.

But Mary isn’t just Jesus Christ’s mother because she’s everybody’s mother. An excerpt from John 19:26 to 27 states, “26 When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother ‘Woman, behold, your son.’ 27 Then he said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother.’ And from that hour, the disciple took her into his home.” Mary goes beyond that just being Christ’s mother because, in truth, she is everybody’s mother.

Today, we’ll discuss why The Blessed Virgin Mary is so important. We’ll also be taking an in-depth look at the three core values of Mother Mary. Come with us, and together, let’s learn about Mother Mary’s relevance to everybody.

What is the Actual Value of Mother Mary in Our Lives?

Mother Mary’s life demonstrates how God is busy working good things in our lives. Before being chosen to fulfill a significant role, which was giving birth and becoming Jesus Christ’s mother, Mary led a simple life and was heralded from a simple background. Although her part was a God-send (pun intended), it wasn’t an easy deed.

Women didn’t have the same social standing as men during her time. Females were mainly treated as weaker and held no power or title. To make matters more complicated, King Herod ordered a kingdom-wide infanticide, forcing Mary to escape to Egypt so that she could keep Jesus safe. However, she endured the hardships that came her way, and she eventually became an agent of faith, staying committed to raising God’s promised son.

Aside from her incredible deeds that showcase the actual value of Mother Mary, she is also associated with three core values the world undoubtedly needs.

Mother Mary’s Three Core Values

The values we are about to tackle were embodied by Mother Mary best. Since these values are present in our Holy Mother, we should also aspire to integrate them into our daily lives. Let’s look at these values that “Madonna of the Ways” by Jeanne Tiefenbach perfectly illustrated in the book.

1. Simplicity

Simplicity was a value that Mary lived by every day and in every way. Although she was given the favor of the Lord, she acknowledged what God blessed her with humility and grace. Material wealth has always been something that people crave.

We become blinded by lavish vacations, occupy ourselves with material pursuits, wait eagerly for the latest gadgets, or buy fancy cars. Now, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in such pleasures from time to time, but what’s important is that we don’t obsess over them. Simplicity lets us trust God more and allow Him to elevate our lives.

2. Charity

Mother Mary was the physical embodiment of charity. She was deeply generous in her actions, full of love, and not afraid to sacrifice herself if needed. Aspiring to be charitable allows things like peace, mercy, and joy to flow freely into our lives. As Jesus Christ said himself, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35).

3. Humility

Selfishness and pride are traits that we should avoid, and Mother Mary certainly avoided them. How? By not letting her extraordinary role as Jesus Christ’s mother get the best of her. She remained humble and persisted in serving the Lord with unmatched devotion. A devotion that only mothers could give.

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s significance comes from her motherhood, which “Madonna of the Ways” by Jeanne Tiefenbach magnificently shows. Mary will always remain a pillar of love, humility, simplicity, and charity — all of which are vital traits in mothers — and that is the actual value of Mother Mary.

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