A Twist to Traditional Children Christmas Books: Is It Santa by Nelibeth Plaza

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One day a young boy, very vicious to his parents, doesn’t listen and doesn’t care about his parents learned about Santa. His parents gave the boy taunts that he’d be part of his naughty list if Santa saw him. After the kid hears about this, he still doesn’t listen to his parents. One day on Christmas eve, he was startled by a sound from the living room and thought it might be Santa. The following parts of this story will be predictable to most people. This plot is a common trope that people can read in Christmas books, especially children. Children have a young and naive mind that makes them interested in the unknown. The idea of having Santa Claus and his reindeer can give their imaginations a boost. But sometimes, these typical tropes will become repetitive and boring for some people.

Christmas time is something that kids look forward to all the time. Seeing kids with a huge smiles on their faces while unwrapping gifts and eating those freshly baked cookies from the oven can make people’s hearts melt. Yet sometimes, a kid’s enthusiasm towards the holidays may wear out. Many kids might feel that the things they know about holidays become repetitive. This feeling can affect their outlook towards the holiday and the celebration that the family will be making.

Kids usually feel bored whenever they know and read will not have an exciting exposition. Ordinary children’s Christmas book tropes can become a little over the top for some, so it’s better to expose a child to a new different story about the holidays. So we can try to expose kids to a new genre of children’s Christmas books to spark up their likes about the holiday. There is a perfect book with a new twist to the traditional Christmas book!

Is it Santa by Nelibeth Plaza

The book “Is It Santa by Nelibeth Plaza” acquires this unique twist to traditional Christmas books for children. Many kids would love to read a new genre to the traditional Christmas books. Books like this one portray the correct balance of a good mystery story for kids and a value-filled Christmas book. The idea of mixing genres has been familiar with books in the 21st Century. Having multiple things genre can benefit both the author and the reader. The two genres allow the author to have a wide range of possibilities in the story they are to create. Readers will benefit as well, for it can help them get enticed with the story, for there are two genres that make them invested in the story. Baking cookies for Santa while finding out if it is Santa? Sure is an exciting excerpt that we can unveil in the book.

Mystery Story’s Help

Mystery stories are a genre fond of different benefits. A mystery story can help make readers interested and invest in the story for readers of any age. A mystery story can give brain squeezing and brain-teasing thoughts that we can benefit from while reading. When a teen or adult reads a mystery story and connects the dots, it brings great satisfaction. The same thing goes for kids, and they will be so happy when they reach the end of a mystery book, especially when a book tailored to their age is what they are reading. So if kids will start reading a mystery book with a mixed theme of a holiday like Christmas, it’ll book their enthusiasm for that holiday.

Encourages Re-reading

A lot of kids will feel bored with a repetitive book. When they read the same book repeatedly, it can get exhausting for them, but differ a mystery book. A mystery book is known for having this re-reading factor. A mystery book is known for the feeling one will have after reading it. People enjoy re-reading mystery stories because it gives a different perspective every time they read them. Kids will also have the same feeling and will enjoy it. “Is It Santa” by Nelibeth Plaza has the mystery for kids genre.


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