A Tale of Love and Its Divergent

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Each of us has a tale of our lives that is worth sharing. What Margaret Moschak has given us as a reader is a book about alcoholics and a story of heart’s adventure. The author explores the story in which elements surround family, addiction, marriage, and faith in oneself and God. The book entails subjectivity that dwells on the emotional crisis, which the author reflects and imagines the reader’s taste and how they can please with a good and inspiring love story.

It is also a story of recovery and comfort. The book is inspiring and illuminating to the point that it recovers someone’s searching soul and brings comfort to the restless mind dull of doubts and negative thinking. To follow the book’s imagination, here are some points that the author tackles and the topics that she is developed throughout the whole book. Furthermore, what we have here is the topography of the storyline, which the author made sure to be relatable, convenient, and inspiring gests that will haunt readers and will give them a story of a lifetime.

The Science of Love and Ecstasy

There is a fine line between love and being drunk. According to experts, Oxytocin, known as the “love hormone,” has a dark side—and it looks like alcohol intoxication. Why? Many studies trumpet the positive effects of Oxytocin. The hormone facilitates bonding, increases trust, and promotes altruism. Such findings earned Oxytocin its famous nickname, the “love hormone.” But more recent research has shown that Oxytocin has a darker side: it can increase aggression, risk-taking, and prejudice. A new analysis of this large body of work reveals that Oxytocin’s effects on our brain and behavior look a lot like another substance that can cut both ways: alcohol. As such, the hormone might point to new treatments for addiction.

How alcoholism affects the Family

Impact on Children

Children can be greatly affected by alcoholism in their households. They can feel guilty, and they believe they are responsible for the drinking and that it won’t stop. They can also become frustrated and angry as they try to make sense of why a person they care about is behaving in such a way. As alcoholism can disrupt routines, this can mean a child misses out on steady mealtimes or bedtimes or has to take on additional responsibilities to establish a practice in the household. Their mood and behaviors can also become unpredictable, where they find it difficult to make friends and are afraid of going to school. Older children of alcoholics can suffer from obsessive perfectionism, hoarding, isolation, and excessive self-consciousness, as they worry that they are different from other people. They can also have problems in school, as family life makes it challenging to study and establish relationships. The emotions and thoughts that present themselves in childhood can be carried into adulthood. The person struggles to find healthy relationships, behaves erratically, makes poor choices, and has a negative self-image. They can also continue to feel the anxiety, depression, and introversion that started when they were a child. In the book, the author reflects her experience involving her family and children. Forging a great narrative that communicates the feeling of love and destruction, the author writes from her heart, from her experience, and from her soul seeking to immortalize an amazing her beloved journey.

Impact on Marriage

As a person becomes addicted to alcohol, their focus can shift, where they neglect their work in favor of drinking or dealing with the effects of drinking. This can lead to a spouse or partner dealing with the repercussions of a loss of income or less money in the household. They may also have to take on more responsibilities concerning the family and home. A person with alcoholism may also put themselves and others in unsafe or risky situations when drinking or trying to acquire alcohol, which can be both draining and dangerous for those who care about them. In the book, the author reflects on her experience as a wife whose husband was an alcoholic. Experiencing the dark side of marriage dude to the fact that her husband was always drunk, but faith leads her to the contemplation of her life as a sweet process of life as a source of inspiration.

To know more about the book, visit the website: www.myalcoholicmylove, or if you want to purchase a copy, visit Amazon.com. Happy reading everyone!


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