A Path of Fire

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Thanks Readers Magnet Author’s Lounge for contacting me, and giving me the opportunity to talk about my new book, A Path of Fire.

What is your book all about?

A Path of Fire is a fantasy novel set in an alternate time many years after a great war destroyed the peace. The Meeachon Wars broke the world and shattered the great cities. Survivors of the scholarly city of Confluence, fled everything familiar and created a new life in the forest of Helligon, home to the dragon, Shakala.

The leader of the new people of Helligon brokered a deal with the dragon. In exchange for her leaving them alone, they promised to supply her with food. This pact, the Prophecy of Harmony included a bond between the dragon’s first-born egg and a direct descendent of the First Leader of Helligon.

Not all who fled the wars were part of Confluence. Many followed the great General Darone, leader of the attacking forces. They swore allegiance to him and embraced the rise of the dark mages. Now sheltered in the dark city of Laurana, they prepare for the birth of the dragon’s egg.

The dark mage, Jahkon, leads the forces of Laurana, but his ancient magick is built of blood and shadows. As it grows blacker and more twisted, he seeks immortality. The blood of the dragon will give him that.

His sister Danika yields the magick of her mother’s people. Her magick is pure, full of life and energy. She can’t give up on Jahkon, but when he orders her to marry one of his followers, she’s forced to run. Shakala warns her she must hurry.

Armed with nothing but her wits, aided by a spy and an escaped prisoner, Danika heeds the warnings and flees the city of her birth. Jahkon won’t let her go. He needs her power and the blood of the dragon to become immortal. Now a fugitive, Danika enters a world unlike any she’s ever known. To stay alive, she must trust her life to her new companions. What begins as an escape becomes a desperate race to save the dragon and fulfil the ancient Prophecy of Harmony.

What inspired you to write the book?

The idea for A Path of Fire came to me when I completed writing A Trail of Embers, Book 2 in the Prophecy of Helligon series. I realized that if I was left wanting to know where the protagonist in that book came from, I needed to tell that story. A Path of Fire does just that.

What is your target audience for the book?

My target audience is anyone from YA to 100 years old, who loves reading fantasy. It’s a fast-paced journey awash in magic and layered with adventure.

What do you hope readers could get from your book?

I hope my readers will lose themselves in my world of dragons and dark mages, as they follow the quest to fulfil a long-awaited prophecy.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

Is there another story lurking in The Prophecy of Helligon’s future? I can’t completely close the door on it because like any book, when you come to the end, you wonder what happened next, or took place before. At some point, I may figure out the answer.

Who am I?

I am an avid reader, a want to be baker, and a lover of travel. My books, like me, take place on the west coast, amidst a lush green background of forest and rocky coastal shorelines.

When I’m not tied to my keyboard, I’m exploring my world, hanging out with my husband, or dealing with my quirky, lovable cats.


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