A Must-Read: Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart by Audrey A. Thomas, ESQ

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At times, the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart conveys this message as a means of empowering women.

The eyes can see the facial expressions but cannot feel the emotions behind that face. During this time, the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. That is, only the heart sees emotions, only felt by the heart. Everything on this earth can be fake, but your heart is the only thing that can never be fake. It can handle every emotion of a person. The heart is the only one that gives a person the pure definition of love on this earth. Your thoughts and feelings are the most valuable things in your life. The heart stores these forever. It sees friendship, love, truthfulness, loyalty, faithfulness, and thousands of other invisible emotions.

Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart Synopsis

Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart is a masterpiece with a theme to empower women in Audrey Thomas’ book. This fantastic story about personal transformation, intellectual development, and maintaining a positive outlook on life is riveting. As a counselor at law and an attorney, the author’s role mandated her position as a radio host, mother of nine, and motivational speaker.

After reading the book, one can say that Aubrey has successfully proven that you must not judge a person on appearance alone and instead look deeper into who that person indeed is based on that individual’s life experience. This book reinforces the conclusion that formal education is more remarkable than socialization. It shows that a change in perspective and intellectual growth will reform hate. Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart gives the reader a feeling of empowerment that only Audrey A. Thomas, Esq. can provide.

A Powerful Analogy

As Audrey conveyed in her book, it is undoubtedly true that the heart sees what is unseen by the eye. It is essential to know in the context that nature here refers to the mind. The human mind has almost infinite faculties such as imagination, intuition, creativity, innovation, etc. Eyes in themselves can not see unless supported by reason. It has always been the mind that sees through the eyes. For example, and in some cases, it has been seen that while sleeping, some individuals sleep with their eyes open or partially open; still, they do not see. Interestingly, the mind sees such wondrous visions that are almost impossible to see while being awake during sleep.

Further, all the great inventions, discoveries, and books were written on all subjects; new findings, new theories, medicines, chemicals, and others originated in the human heart. Man and woman alike see the vision of his accomplishments in his heart first before he brings it into the real world. All the high-tech, sophisticated machines, computers, rockets, satellites, vehicles, smartphones, skyscrapers, ships, airplanes, trains, bullet trains, supersonic jets, etc. of them, were seen by man in their hearts first before they became tangible realities.

The Author’s Message

These supernal powers lie latent in every heart, waiting to be activated through striving, focus, concentration, and perseverance. All great personalities became great by tapping the immense powers of nature. People see it working in their day-to-day lives. In their mothers, grandmothers, or anyone who truly loves them; often, when one is upset or troubled on account of anything, their mother or grandmother finds out about their trouble without sharing the problem with them. They use their hearts to see the hidden hurt or pain.

Similarly, this is what Audrey has been trying to imply in her book. You, too, can use this immense power of your heart to see those things that are hidden from you! It may be any success that you want to achieve. Or it may be some hidden knowledge, or it might be the spiritual enlightenment you might be pursuing. You can bring it to the surface using the divine eye lying closed in your heart.   

Author’s Corner 

Audrey A. Thomas, ESQ is an inspirational speaker, radio show host, lawyer, youth advocate, humanitarian, and author of several books. Her authored books include Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart, Ego Has No Place In The Law, Failure To Man Is Not Failure To God, and Christian B$tch. Audrey has been in the spotlight for most of her life and has earned some awards such as Mother of the Year, Carl B. Moxie’s Best Radio Show Host, and Linkage Award. 


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