A Book about a Convict turn to Devoted Christian and the Understanding of Life in Prison

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If someone desires to know what makes a human being become a juvenile delinquent, Real Prison Real Freedom, the story of Rickie Smith by Rosser McDonald, is an exemplary spot to start.

Born in 1954 to a dysfunctional family, the principal character Rickie was dyslexic, which made him stop going to school in grade eight. His father was physically and emotionally ruthless, while his mother was the opposite. Both parents had in common that all quarreling was resolved by violence, most probably driven by alcohol.

His life as a criminal sentenced him to prison. His life is bewildering and intense as it is situated at the very edge of human emotion. The early years of his prison life only went darker and darker every single day, but spirituality came into his being and covered him with its power and greatness. Included in this compelling story about the strength of the human spirit is a detailed account. It’s a matter of the reader’s perception.

The author suggested using the character Rickie to attribute the transformation of the principal character to accepting spirituality and realizing his life was intolerable and had to change as a matter of personal choice. Still, there is no denying the gospel was the roadmap to finding his way back to humanity. His execution of the principles in the bible has affected the shifting shift of his life from being harmful to being good and, in doing so, influenced the faith of many others. The miraculous page is a thought-provoking experience.

 Sorrowful and filled with dark abysses of despair and rage and without hope, he picked up an untimely Bible and read, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Rickie was moved, and he felt the feeling that he longed for. The next thing he did was to ask the Lord about it, and it was granted. From that day forward, Rickie Smith became a devoted Christian, living the word of the Lord and wanting his life to be filled with paradise and sunsets that God promised him for eternity. A kind of faith like no other. His story is an excellent reflection of redemption and freedom while in prison.

Understanding A Life of a Convict

Understanding how the author conceptualizes prison life is a crucial thing to consider from a reader’s perspective. What he is trying to include is the bewildering power of faith amid the gluttony of life in prison. Prison is not just a house of physical insult but also a storage of mental suffering and emotional instability. Most of the convicts suffer from physical and psychological isolation due to the fact that it is a written contract that is demanded in exchange for the crimes they committed. Understanding them might be a little too difficult to comprehend because it requires a high dose of tolerance. We cannot judge them by their past because we are only transient beings, and we are not here to consolidate others’ decisions in life. Giving them the respect and understanding they need is necessary, and that’s what Rosser McDonald wants us to do. Through his story, a story of Rickie, we can reflect on how convicts dwell on their life stories and turn them worthy of their appreciation and admiration of their resiliency ad not giving up in the middle of hard and trying times.

However, the more significant part of the story is the part played by the reader to complete the level. The author is trying to find the hidden meanings of such a trying time for the prisoner and his way through the steadfast arms of the holy divine he laid down the remaining days of his newfound life.

For more about the book and its enthralling pages, please visit the website through rossermcdonald.com or buy at amazon.com.


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