5 Children’s Books to Read This 2020

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While the year promises to produce more quality children’s books, let take a look at some books from previous years that are great reads for 2020.

Jo Jo’s Adventure by Joyce Nealy

JoJo’s Adventure by Joyce Nealy

The book follows the adventures of a bird named JoJo. Jojo is a pet parrot and lives in a big cage inside the home of a family. As a caged bird, he always dreamed of seeing the outside world. He would often wonder what it’s like to be able to roam free outside the house every time he sees Sparky the dog going in and out of the door. JoJo often picked the lock on his cage door. One day, he decided to get out of his cage and stepped out of the door. JoJo’s adventure began.

Pumpkin Patch Party by Curtis Booher

Pumpkin Patch Party by Curtis Booher

It’s never too early in the year to enjoy a spooky yet delightful read. Pumpkin Patch Party is a different children’s story because it’s a sort of light thriller. The Pumpkin Patch Party is a book by Curtis Booher. It is his first published work. It tells the story of a simple, hardworking farmer who worked on his fields all day. Tired from a hard day’s labor, he went home to rest. While resting on his chair, he began hearing strange sounds such as wolves howling and crickets singing. He also began seeing scary characters like ghosts, witches, and a werewolf. The Pumpkin Patch Party is a funny and delightful read for children.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad by Keith N. Corman

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad by Keith N. Corman

Keith N. Corman’s fascination with trains and railroads is very evident in his children’s book Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad. The book tells the story of two children, Katie and Kenny, who are visiting a railroad yard together with their father. Their tour guide is an engineer with the railroad. During the tour, the siblings learn several things about trains, railroads, and why are they important in the lives of people. The book contains wonderfully illustrated characters and a story that is both feel-good and informative. Keith N. Corman’s Katie and Kennt Tour the Railroad is a never a dull read.

The Adventures of Snook and Gator: Snook Meets a Buddy by Tara Annette Rocker

The Adventures of Snook and Gator: Snook Meets a Buddy by Tara Annette Rocker

Tara Annette Rocker’s fourth installment in The Adventures of Snook and Gator. In this book, Snook is now 7 years old and is attending second grade. Unlike the previous books, Gator is not part of the main characters. The book focuses on Ariah. Ariah is also 7 years old. She attends a different class. Ariah has autism. One day, Snook and Ariah are paired for a class project named “About Me”. The two girls bond and soon Snook learns a lot about understanding people with autism like Ariah. They quickly become good friends and playmates. Snook Meets a Buddy is an extraordinary children’s book and perhaps the most special among Tara Annette Rocker’s The Adventures of Snook and Gator books.

Mudcat the Pirate: The Adventures of Ra Me the Traveling Troubadour by Connie S. Arnold

Mudcat the Pirate: The Adventures of Ra Me the Traveling Troubadour

Mudcat the Pirate is the third book of The Adventures of Ra Me the Traveling Troubadour. In this book, author Connie S. Arnold tells the story of a dark villain. Ra Me, now a seasoned musician and has been into many adventures is asked to perform at a christening celebration of Fair Haven Village’s newest ship, Good Ship Lightning Bolt. When a mermaid fails to break the bottle during the ceremony, a curse threatens everyone in the village and Mudcat the Pirate appears and kidnaps the Festival Queen Miss Lulu Belle. By far this is Ra Me’s most challenging adventure. A must-read for all Ra Me fans and those young readers love a thrilling adventure.


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