LoveCraft’s Legacy: The Missing Medium by Joab Stieglitz

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Joab Stieglitz is one of the contemporary writers whose works are influenced by the late great Howard Philip Lovecraft.

H.P. Lovecraft’s body of work is mostly pulp fantasy adventure. Although he did not garner critical and commercial success in his lifetime, his readers see a revival and increased fandom for his works and the likes. Joab Stieglitz’s two major book series for fans of Lovecraftian literature will prove to be remarkable. At the moment, we will feature the second book of The Utgarda Series, The Missing Medium by Joab Stieglitz.

Terrific Second Chapter

Readers enjoyed the first entry in this trilogy, “The Old Man’s Request.” An old college professor had dabbled in arcane arts and somehow made a connection with another dimension in which they resided with friends of all sorts. When one such beast, Utgarda, attempted to cross over into their realm, the old teacher sought the aid of three associates; Doctor Harold Lamb, Prof. Anna Kykov, and Father Sean O’Malley, Catholic Priest. The trio successfully defeated the foul beast and thus granted the dying man’s final request by the end of the first book. However, Father O’Malley believed there was still more for them to do. One such unfinished plan was to locate a well-known medium, Brian Teplow. Brian had gone missing to learn his connection with the alternate world. As book two opens, Father O’Malley is in Rome, reporting the past events and his role. Harold and Anna set for New York City to begin their hunt for Teplow.

Anna and Harold find a vagrant claiming to know them from their adventures in that “other” world instead of finding Teplow. He tells them he is a warrior/scout, and together they fought the demonic creatures in that strange dimension. The book’s protagonists are not all that trusting of these claims. In search of the missing medium’s room, they discover a drawing of the three of them, along with others, dressed in Dungeons & Dragons type clothing and supposedly posing in that weird world. The biggest shock of all comes when Teplow’s mother tells them the picture is ten years old.

The Missing Medium by Joab Stieglitz carries the same weight as the first book with the same features of adrenaline rush. This time the riot and chase take place in the Big Apple. The second installment guarantees to be an exciting read!

Readers Reviews and Ratings

Below are some of the reviews with ratings that Joab’s readers left after reading his book:

“This is an amazing sequel to what appears to be a trilogy beginning with the old man’s request. This book continues the quest though each book seems to end satisfactorily, the story just keeps getting better.” 5-Star Rating – Pat Eroh

“Mr. Stieglitz hits it out of the park with this, the second book in his Utgarda series. Good character development; lots of action, and a fast pace. Well done!” 5-Star Rating – Mark Shrevel

“This was a decent read. It was quick and interesting. The characters really brought the story to life for me. A book I could see myself reading again.” 5-Star Rating – Nicholas P.

About the Author

Joab Stieglitz currently lives in Alexandria, Virginie, but is originally from Warren, New Jersey. Joab works as an application consultant for a software company. He also has expertise as a project manager, software trainer, network engineer, and technical writer. 

On the other hand, Stieglitz is very much into science fiction and the world of gaming. He is passionate about RPG games like Mars, Deadlands, Savage Worlds, Agents of Oblivion, Call of Cthulhu, Lamentations of Princess, Pathfinder, and GUMSHOE. These and his love of H.P. Lovecraft’s works have influenced Joab to write pulp fantasy adventure books. 


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