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Everyone has a story to share. These tales can be about courage, kindness, fear, mishaps, victory, and a whole lot more. The only thing is that these great stories are being left untold and being buried in the deepest corners in the hearts of people. Perhaps there is something in you that pushes you to tell your story to the world or share a fragment of your life to others but you do not have the guts to do it.

There are many ways that can help you get your story out. You can go for writing a piece of literature, such as books, poems, and short stories. If you want a simpler type of sharing, you can create a blog where you can share random stories while building your own brand or platform. If neither of the two sparks your interest, then worry not! There are millions of possibilities and ways to tell your tale.

If you prefer to do the telling orally, then you may do so. You can share it to the people closest to your heart personally or digitally. But if you want the whole world to hear your piece and teach them some good lessons out of it, then you can create a digital channel. You can become a video creator with a platform that aims to share, educate, and entertain. Everything is depending on you for you are the master of your fate.

Sharing seems to be a little too hard to do, isn’t it? Well worry no more! There’s an online platform that is being handled and introduced by the Readersmagnet Publishing LLC that aims to give both established and aspiring authors the chance to let their voice be heard, gather more readers, make friends, and share their tales, which is called Authors’ Lounge.

Authors’ Lounge is a platform that helps authors to get discovered by their prospects in a convenient, fast, and efficient way. Since the digital age is booming today, this site is definitely a good means for sharing, socializing, and promoting as well. You can definitely make use of this lounge and to share your story to the online world. Who knows you might get some patrons, make new connections, and be discovered by a literary agent?

Here’s your chance to tell the story you’ve long wanted to be told. Gather up your courage and your guts because you have some writing to do. Express your emotions and experiences by typing on your computer. Take time to savor the memories and let the ideas take over. In that way, you can put into writing a good memory and submit a well-structured and heartfelt content. Although your content doesn’t necessarily revolve always on personal experiences for it could also be about random things that you fancy.

However, Authors’ Lounge requires your content to not be less than 700 words and also not go beyond 1,000 words. It should be written using the English language, and will require a high-quality graphic for the featured photo of your story. You can get the image from free stock photo sites, but if you wish to get from Google then you need to indicate the source to avoid copyright claims.

Keywords are also needed in your content, which you can check out on the article submission guideline of the site. These keywords are essential because these are the things that will help your content get seen on the crazy and confusing world of internet. More importantly, you can hyperlink some sites that you wish to help get discovered. These sites can be your book website, your family member’s website, and such.

But before anything else, you need to be a member of the Authors’ Lounge to enjoy the perks that come with it. Sign up now and get $250 worth of marketing and publishing packages. What are you waiting for? Get offer and share your story now!


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