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Writing is an outlet that gives life to the imagination.  Whether you are writing to simply satisfy your own need to express the thoughts that run endlessly through your head as you ponder your life, or you have a deep desire to transform the minds of others into following after philosophies and ideals, writing is your outlet. The written word is able to touch lives in a far deeper way than, say, a public address because your reader has time to savor your words.  Sometimes your words will be set down on a bedside table or back into a bookshelf to be picked up again at a later time, while others may devour them all in a single sitting and be so captured by them that they will read them over and over again. For some, writing comes easy, but for others it takes discipline. I fall into both categories. There are moments when words will flow rapidly from my mind through my fingers and into my word processor, but there are also times when I must make myself sit down to my keyboard to write. In addition to a novel for young teen girls that I am writing, I currently have three published works for children with a fourth in that series almost finished, I have an inspirational book for ladies in the formatting stage, and another children’s book that needs reformatted and sent to publishing. I seem to have a lot of irons in the fire, but it keeps my mind busy and in a constant writing mode. Once you have determined to write, you must decide to whom you will be writing.  Who is the audience you wish to hold hostage while your thoughts are being passed from the written word and into their minds? Are you writing to children? Give thought to your characters.  Children need stimulation. They need visuals. They need excitement. Are you writing to adults? Guess what – they also need stimulation, visuals, and excitement. Know your subject well if it is truth and become intimate with your characters if it is fiction. But no matter what your topic, or to whom you are gearing your thoughts, whether they be factual or fictitious, your reader will know if you have written from your head or from your heart. Become passionate not only about your subject, but also in its presentation. You must perfect the art of capturing the reader and drawing them into your book from the very first sentence their eyes will read. Gigi’s Lap is a series of books I am working on for children to teach biblical concepts in a fun way.  I have chosen to draw them into the story by using an animal placed in a human world in each book with a dilemma the main character must face. To further drive home the point of the lesson, I finish each with a correlating Bible story. My books are designed to be visually enticing to the child from their first look at the cover. I do my own illustrating and I have incorporated the assistance of my daughter-in-law to add graphic designs and formatting.

Make your work appealing. Spend the extra time and effort to add spice and flair.  You will be rewarded with a finished product that others will not only be talking about, but will desire to own and share with others. For “A Walk In Her Sandals”, I have chosen women from the Bible and using the factual knowledge we have concerning them and their moment in history to create a story line about their lives, showing the reader that these people were normal women who faced the same types of problems and issues as we do today, thousands of years later. I enjoy writing. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction in knowing I can change the thoughts and lives of others. I love to watch the faces of children as they read my work.  To hear a lady say, “Wow! She is so real to me now. I never would have thought about her that way before. That gave me chills.” gives me extreme satisfaction. I am an author. I write as an outlet for my imagination. To see more of my work, check my

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  1. Emily

    Writing is truly therapeutic for me, so thank you for the boost of confidence!

  2. rebecca

    I’ve been empowered by the message of Ms. Gigi as well, and she inspired me to become a better wrtier.


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