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Esther 6: 1 WRITE IT DOWN IN A BOOK: This statement keeps going through my mind as I realize the importance of words and the importance of working with others that understand that. And so for the past year, Readersmagnet and especially Rain have spent hour upon hour to convey our care for each person these books are touched by. Our hope is that you may make the transition from big “I” to the dying to self so that you can embody all the good and wonderful things that are in store for you.  Remember the shortcut is : WALK IN GRATITUDE: MAKE IT REAL.  It was like this:

                   Something tugged at my blanket of sleep and I awoke just to see 

                    I felt a feeling: it felt me.

                    What do you want from me? I asked

                    And the answer was: What do you want from me?

                    But silence answered and answered right

                    Because I had to go inside to see

                    For sure I did not understand this one

                    So I climbed back into bed to sleep…………..

But wait a minute , I was awakened again by Readers Magnet and Miss Rain that told me , “We can never give up; we can’t sleep

And so these hours we spent to convey our care for each person of the world and to say if you will walk tall in Gratitude: you’ll be amazed what is in store for you. I cannot believe the patience and creativity of Readers Magnet and My Authors Relation Officer Rain: I will be eternally grateful for this experience and I know you will be also. Not one inkling of a doubt. So treat yourself to a very special adventure and they will have you covered. Thank you Rain and Readers Magnet!!! br rinker

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  1. bette rinker

    Oh my goodness that is beautiful! thank you readers magnet and especially rain and ryan and production team and the entire readers magnet, this is definitely going to “make a difference.”


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