WHY I WRITE BOOKS by Thelma Cunningham

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I have been blessed by grace of God to write books and love to do so because God almighty has chosen to be laud, endowed me with this gift of writing and the exceptional abilities to accomplish each project, as well as obtain each writing established goal. I have been chosen to be a writer. From the passionate heart of God, He chose to bestow upon me this honorarium. I am so very grateful. I have written 7 books so far and I am working on 4 more this year with the help of God’s grace. I am a writer.

When I write, I write from my heart. I write with compassion, empathy, compulsion, humaneness and fervor.  I write by God’s grace and favor. There is no better form of expression better transcribed or more valuable than words well authored that expresses what very well may be concealed deep within the human heart and soul. I am a writer.

There is no form of expression spoken, quoted, expressed, shared and enjoyed better than written utterances, statements, or thoughts coming from the souls of one’s who have poured out their inner expressions, and vibrant infused thoughts onto this medium called paper, or script.  I love to write and have been blessed to write books that contain utterances of poems inspired from God always, written stories as well as composed songs and plays. I have been given the gift. The gift of writing.  I am a writer and I love to write.

I am a writer, an author,

Who will inspire your dreams, beliefs, aspirations, endeavor’s;

This inoculant inspiration will facilitate the soaring and conquering of:

Obstacles, challenges, confrontations, threats, ultimatum’s, expectation’s,

Interrogations, humiliation, provocations, trials, protest, complications,

Confrontations, objections and enticements.

It will free you to develop and empower you with the ability to embrace the acceptance of self;

Give you peace, answers to life, confidence, ponder and consider propositions;

Query postulations while developing your own hypothesis, and theories as you evolve and surmise many truths.

For what is a writer, an author?

If they do not demonstrate the ability to address truths,

Inspire, annoy, provoke, confront, entice, accosts, dare, arouse, stimulate,

Instigate, kindle, electrify and animate life it’s self as well as possibly ignite every thought in your imagination.

A writer, author, must demonstrate the ability to be profoundly skillful with his or her craft, yet, demonstrate empathy, humanitarianism, benevolence, and maturity while being ever so

kind and merciful with the message.

Not pique, malicious, gall, or spiteful, unless the moral of the message is just a tid bit necessary in a spiteful sense, but never hateful.

I am a writer.

I have been bequeathed with the ability to comfort, console, and calm, encourage, soothe tensions, and,

Uplift, and, un-trouble the masses.

But yet, my writings may also reveal to you the very depths of my inner psyche and depressed, agonized, dispirited, trouble worried perplexed being, my humanity.

It may reveal my vulnerable state and contemplations of my own moral soul.


I, without being pretentious or grandiose, heighten, ignite my readers and then

leave them on cloud nine so to speak with words of connotation and a phrase such as:

“Solace of mind and peace, even laughter came to be while being mesmerized with calm euphoria from the galvanized, non-exhilarating perplexities that were fermented, launched,

Instead of demur withdraw and fearfulness.”

Plainly speaking it was just simply invigorating to avoid such clamorous chatter being divulged. Such smiles were felt from the frustrations displayed out of ignorance. I bequeath you the intelligence of understanding so that you do not become a victim of your own madness.

By grace and mercy,

I facilitate compassion, quiet fears and streaming tears;

Put at ease the worrying soul;

Lighten the burdens so that on your way you go;

Reassure tomorrows while invigorating and strengthening today.

But yet,

It is my own tomorrows and God given future, my destiny, that I stare at through the hearts and minds of those who are violently unkind and vicious.

The souls who envy the very dust that I was created from.

They come against all and everything, my blessings, my writings, all giftedness.

Crudely inhumane, dishonest and vicious are they.

Being a writer can also be dangerous.

Yet, I love what I have been blessed to accomplish.

I love the art of composing books.

For you see,

I am a writer.

The evil ones come up against me with ill will and spells and,

Copy my words as they land on this very paper still.

But, then I remember such souls depraved,

whose answer is to steal my words and then try to rearrange.

This leaves me with trust in God, and as for them I always pray.

Yes I am a writer.

Writing, it comes with danger, it comes with despair, and it comes with

those who wish you unborn and this world out of here.

But yet,

It comes with blessings, rewards, and It comes with cheers;

It comes with I am so glad you wrote this most lovely and fair.

Because for all who will celebrate you comes those ones who are cruel,

Jealous, and egregious.

Why, money, envy and greed, are the reasons.

You become more valuable gone, and out of here.

For if not for the grace and protection of God, and His intervening, I would surely be long gone.

The words I write are free, just as free as me.

Thank God for the forefathers, who caused this to be.

Now I am raised educated, walking with Jesus, and writing books as an author.

The author that Jesus made me.

My writings are only an outrage to those who envy.


But like Maya said “Still I Rise.”


Because I am a writer.

I have been endowed by the creator to live out such a plight.


In the middle of the night, or by the gleam of moon light,


Very early in the morning during the bright sunlight,


At noon with the flowers blooming and sunrays beaming,

Or a picture perfect spring day scenery,

I’ll feel the beckoning to write.

Sometimes it may be just as simple as a word spoken to place me in writing mood; or

a phrase or song played, feeling sad or got the blues;

Joyous and happy and had a splendid time;

Or for the sake of finishing up a book that has got to get out on time.

It just depends upon the mood or circumstance for the project and the subject matter will also very too.

From spiritual, God’s Love and Protection, or romance, and everyday occurrences to poems for the young-ins;

Any ups or downs, gloom, doom, hardships, happiness and truths.

So if you are looking for adventure or to be tranquilized by mystical words;

Maybe gladdened and untroubled, delighted, or feeling of endangerment;

A run of the risk so to speak;

Then grabbing a book as a companion may very well be what you need.

For writing awaits those who dare and the rewards of writing far out

weigh any envious snares;

All hazards, causalities, kismets, the odds if you so dare to be challenged.

If you happen to care, just be sure that it is an inner longing.


You must have the love and the passion.

You have song, and this I write and do.

You have art, and yes you will my works here you will find too, for this I also do.

You have crafts and wreath making, and yes I have made quite a few.


Then you have writing, where the soul’s intellect can be expressed through the medium of composed words.

A soul’s intelligence will soar and leave an everlasting impact upon this world’s human beings,

All mankind,


The soul’s love combined with talent, wit, intelligence, intellect and transcribing will forever profoundly impact the masses the same as music does the soul and mind.


  1. Hummer

    A personal account that talks about the story of an author and her journey as a writer. What an exciting story to read!

    • Christian

      A heartfelt appreciation for the craft of writing. A fantastic story to tell. I love this book!


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