Why Do People Write Books?

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Many people when asked what they would love to do someday, the majority would say that they will want to write a book. Writing a book is a long creative process. It does not take overnight to create one book. Publishing your book also does not entail immediate success. It can happen weeks, months, and even years from its publication. Authors can also face publication rejections. However, many, including you, hopes to make it in this industry. Why do these people still write books? You ask. These people will write books for a wide variety of reasons.

Because They Can

Reading Harry Potter, To Kill A Mockingbird, or The Lord of the Rings, anyone will find that authors of these books are great writers. One would easily conclude that these authors are gifted to write and that only a few are born with these gifts. You may not know this, but each one of us are writers in our own way. Therefore, you can write a book. It does not necessarily have to be a novel. You can write about poetry, plays, memoirs and so much more. People write books to become authors and there is no harm in having the goal to become one. Some also become writers because of a spur of the moment. Inspiration can come at any point in life when one least expects it. And it is up to them if they want to cease that great opportunity to become an author. Visiting Author’s Lounge can help anyone be inspired by stories from other authors. Everyone can write a great book, so never hesitate.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

You’ve got a story and it needs to be told. Plenty of people write a book for this reason. They want to share to the world their experiences, triumphs, and failures. If you think that your story is too mundane, has been told, or has been told similarly, this should not stop you from writing your book. Mind you, every person in this world has their own unique story. Just because there is a book with a similar story like yours, does not mean that it has been told by you in your own vision and perspective, formed by experiences. Authors too have to dig deep within in order for them to find that there are plenty of amazing and interesting stories that they can tell to the world. Hence, people write books for them to be heard by the people all over the world. Tons of publishing houses, including ReadersMagnet, are to help authors share their stories by assisting them in publishing their books. ReadersMagnet does not only assist authors in the publishing process, but also in the creative and marketing of their masterpieces.

It is Their Passion

When you read a book, you will notice how the author is passionate about his writing. And many people write books for that exact reason. It is their passion. Passion is the driving force towards something. Certain factors in life cause people to experience passion towards writing books. From childhood to your present age, you will find that books have been part of everyone’s life. It has become embedded within. Books have helped in shaping who you are right now. And because of books, some became passionate writers of books.

Provide Significant Contribution to the World

For some, they write books to gain notoriety and fortune. However, a huge number of people write books to inspire people, provoke change, provide better education, and a source of entertainment. Authors are well-versed and passionate about the topics of their books and they wish for this to contribute to the lives and well-being of other people. By writing a book, anyone can help others in their own lives. Through their books, people can share a unique perspective shaped by personal experiences and their views on the world. People write books for the significant contribution they give to the world. Not only will books inspire and educate others, but they will also help you learn a lot about yourself. The message and lessons encompassed in books matter and this will live on for generations to come. 


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