What Peace Means To Us by Izaak David Diggs

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Hello, Author’s Lounge people and thank you for welcoming me here to tell you about my book, What Peace Means To Us. 

What Peace Means To Us is the story of five ordinary people thrown into extraordinary situations they are unprepared for and change their lives dramatically. My book is about the challenges of being a parent to a brilliant child, of being a teenager who has suffered a terrible tragedy, of someone trying to cope with losing everything—and their own deep anger. What Peace Means To Us also explores our culture of casual violence. Despite all the challenges the characters face, this book is also full of humor; granted, it is my variety of dark humor, but it has a lot of funny parts.

Witnessing people getting lost in our mad, unforgiving world—that’s what inspired me to write What Peace Means to Us. Everything I come across inspires me: The news. The way a person stands at a bus stop. Movies. This is why I don’t have a “grown up career” that would require a lot of attention—I don’t have any to spare, I am constantly distracted and inspired.

My target audience is anyone who wants to read a moving and often funny story. If I imagine my reader, they enjoy satire; they like having a laugh but they also want to feel for the characters. People who like offbeat films like those by Charlie Kaufman, Terry Zwigoff, and the Coen Brothers. People who enjoy playing Scrabble. This segues into what I hope people get from it: I’m just a song and dance man, I want to entertain you, sing a couple of upbeat numbers and then throw in a couple of deep, emotional ballads that could move you to tears if you are inclined to such a thing.

My future plans for What Peace Means To Us are driving my wagon to where I can park it and hawk my wares. Can you see the wagon? Dark wood, four meters long and two wide. Drawn by a single brown horse with a white patch on its left side. “Doctor Izaak’s Dry Goods” is emblazoned on the right side of the wagon but instead of flour and pans and candles I want to share this book because I believe in it and would love to share it with you.

Who am I? My name is Izaak David Diggs and I am a dude who travels around in his converted 2010 Honda Odyssey. I am a nomad, but that story is another book…which I am writing on the road. I am a conduit for mysterious magical things like stories and occasionally music. I write fiction like What Peace Means To Use, song lyrics, and non fiction about my traveling around and everything that entails. This year, my old life imploded and I outfitted the before mentioned van and hit the road. The past seven months I have traveled through a wild, beautiful world from deserts to forests to the crazy sea. If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, I would continue on across the country and take a freighter to Europe, visiting all the countries I’ve been curious about since I was old enough to read maps. For now, I am spending winter in the desert, wandering out across harsh worlds of rock and cactus, marveling at the light only a desert sunset can provide. That’s it, that’s me, my life, what I do.

See you out in the desert,


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/izaakdaviddiggswriter

Website: https://www.izaakdaviddiggs.com

Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Books-Izaak-David-Diggs/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AIzaak+David+Diggs


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