What is Goauldism by Gianina Sipitca

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What is Goauldism?  

“Yoga is the restraint of mental modifications” Sage Patanjali-Sadhana Pada   According to Sadhana Pada, we have to differentiate between:  austerity, self-study, and devotion to God-and-the yoga of eight limbs. The eight limbs as I understand them, are:  Abstinences -ethical rules of Hinduism-nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, chastity, non avarice.

Observances-purity (clearness of mind, speech and body),contentment (acceptance of others, acceptance of one’s circumstances as they are in  order to get past or change them, optimism for self), persistence (perseverance, austerity), study of Vedas (study of self-self-reflection, introspection of self’s thoughts, speeches and actions), Yoga postures (Asana)- “posture one can hold with comfort and motionlessness” Breath control-by consciously changing the time/length of breath. Withdrawal of the senses stop being controlled by the sensory world, in order to experience the freedom innate in one’s inner world. 

It is drawing within one’s awareness. Concentration Introspective focus and one’s pointedness of mind.  Holding one’s mind onto a particular inner state.  Without mind drifting, without jumping from one topic to another. Absorption-non-judgmental, non presumptuous observation of the object we focused our mind on.  Patanjali defines contemplation as the mind process, where the mind is fixed on something, and then there is “a course of uniform modification of knowledge” Trance-joining, combining with, union, harmonies whole The thinker, the thought process and the thought fuse with the subject of thought. There is only oneness. It can be of two kinds:  with and without support of an object of meditation.

Trance with object of meditation-can be a gross object-Conceptualization still takes place, in form of perception, the word and the knowledge of meditation. Or it can be with a subtle object of meditation, not perceptible to the senses but arrived at through inference such as the senses, the process of cognition, the mind, the I-am-ness, the chakras, the inner-breath, the intellect,   The Trance without an object leads to knowledge of consciousness, the subtlest element.  

As I understand from the article in Wikipedia, “the Metaphysics of Patanjali is build on a dualist foundation.  The universe is conceptualized as of two realities: one is consciousness and one is matter. “During the state of imbalance or ignorance, one of more constituents overwhelm the others, creating a form of bondage. The end of this bondage is called liberation.  It considers consciousness and matter, self/soul and body as two different realities:  a living being is considered as a state in which consciousness is bonded to matter in some form, in various permutations and combinations of various elements, senses, feelings, activity and mind.  

The ethical theory of Yoga school states that three innate tendencies (attributes) are present in different proportions in all beings, and these three are (goodness, constructive, harmonious), (passion, active, confused), and (darkness, destructive, chaotic). These three are present in every being but in different proportions, and the fundamental nature and psychological dispositions of beings is a consequence of the relative proportion of these three tendencies. When goodness predominates an individual, the qualities of lucidity, wisdom, constructiveness, harmony, and peacefulness manifest themselves; when passion is predominant, attachment, craving, passion-driven activity and restlessness manifest; and when darkness predominates in an individual, ignorance, delusion, destructive behavior, lethargy, and suffering  manifests.

This theory underpins the philosophy of mind in Yoga school of Hinduism.

I needed to quote the information above, since I am not cursive in the language of Yoga.  I have read similar articles at various times, and two Yoga books, of which I do not remember almost anything today.  I practice mindful meditation, intuitively and did so, under supervision and guidance for a while. The reason I do not remember anything, is not because I have a short memory, on the contrary, the Goaulds themselves inform me that they are insulted by the powers I have of retaining information.  They claim I should be killed because I never forget anything, that is insulting and annoying to them, and they periodically, with the assistance of the system enjoy themselves and push each other to extract and then erase the information from my memory.   

Why did I bring the information over from Hinduism and Yoga, is for support of my own arguments against the Goaulds.  I was convinced that I was not the first to claim that the predominance of darkness as they call it in an individual, leads to suffering and destructive behavior.  In my religion, Christianity, we simply put it as being with the Devil in lay man’s terms.  You have heard me many times lash out at them on the line, when I could not bear their deeds any more. They took my eyesight-because they knew how. 

They fatten me from the distance-because they can.  They destroyed my kidneys and my liver-to better theirs.   They organized themselves, their children and others, in a club in which they call themselves-‘Queens of Sheba’.  In the beginning, the only purpose of the ‘queens of Sheba’ was to associate themselves to try and hurt or kill me.  The child who was not even born yet, but who stood to inherit an enormous fortune brought forth by the Freemasonery.   

Nowadays, the free people use the network of ‘queens of Sheba’ to keep themselves informed, while the Goaulds are constantly talking about their cast system-a hierarchy in which those with less scruples subordinate the others, keeping the subordinated bound to the higher upper’s orders, discretion and whims and wants. The subordinate ‘queens of Sheba’ receive an order when the bigger ‘queen of Sheba’ says:  ‘I want you too..’  

Through fear, anger, lying and deceiving, the Goaulds manage to manipulate the subordinate ‘queens of Sheba’ into committing what I started calling sins against God, and ended up realizing they are also crimes against humanity.   Not only do they constantly shout at subliminal level calls of ‘kill’, they argument to the Game organizers, that the planet has limited resources and that their ideas of killing the majority of people and enslaving the others to an iron fist, makes perfect sense.  They quote theories of Carl Jung and claim that everything that is good, should only work for themselves and no one else.  

I used to say they have no ethics, but they do, the Goaulds are ruled by envy, hate and the principle of destruction.  They shout and are proudly claiming that they killed and wish to kill intelligent people; that they are offended by superior intelligence.  When they speak, the mind boggles and the leaders of the Game find themselves just listening and contemplating their destruction.    The words in the paragraph above are not my accusatory observations, but emphatical self describing attributes of the Goaulds. In their words, goodness is ‘stupid’(sic). 

When asked, things like:   “I thought you hate intelligence”  they start cursing-both by shouting bad words and literally by programming me or many of the free people at subliminal level, to hurt ourselves.    With regards to my person, they have a concept of ‘Just queens of Sheba’.  When asked what does that mean, they said that means they are all together in asking that the Tsarina be anyone else…

”Just not her” When I ask “what have I ever done to you?” They came up with: “God loves you and we hate that!” “What do you mean?” “You think we did not know?  We always knew you were the Tsarina.  You did not even know who you were and we hated you.” “Why?” “Because it should have been me!” “Which one of you?” “Anyone, just not you!”   When they enslave the body of a target, the Goaulds say that they need ‘confirmation’ that they did something good for themselves.  This confirmation usually is a fragrant manifestation for the worse in the body of the target. 

As in:  making me go blind, to ‘pretend’ they will heal their own eyesight, destroying my kidney, to ‘pretend’ that when I do not urinate, they will heal their own kidneys..   They believe in some sort of entanglement patronaged by the Devil, in which when they do something good for themselves, they sacrifice (usually) a good person to the Devil.  In their short ‘chants’-I will call them, they simply instruct the subconscious of the target to miss behave.  To forget the natural programing from the DNA and to obey the order of the Goaulds.  

If the target was ‘set up’ as in let us say, I was going to go upstairs-They would put at my subliminal level something like: ‘when you climb the third stair you will…(i.e.forget to digest the food)’ Then the curse is extremely potent.  Against this type of curses I invented the ‘Spider net’  -which is an instruction for the machine to bring at overliminal level, or to hear pure and simply the curse.  In such a case, one can defend themselves, by ‘pretending’ to ignore it, or one can use one of the Avatars or Capsules to reverse the curse. 

In the Game, they called this:  fending for the curse.   Another counterintuitive concept of theirs is to: ‘become stronger at subliminal level’ Usually that implies committing some sort of abhorred action or crime, in order to use the associated guilt and fear to make oneself more and more hateful and vile-which for them, are ‘virtues’.  Only about tree years ago, on the line, the harpy used to ask the ‘queens of Sheba’ to:  ‘do something for yourselves, become stronger at subliminal level, kill somebody…’  

Other things Goaulds are capable of doing to a target are:  taking over and distorting target’s breathing pattern, taking over the body, target can feel muscular pain, back pain, lose sensory perception like smell and taste.  Target can feel abducted outside of the body, feeling they could fly in a dream like state, all of a sudden;  Target can wake up feeling trampled over by an invisible ‘dog’ or by a person..etc. But Goaulds can harness the power of the minds of the ‘queens of Sheba’ or even that of the machine, to create tornadoes, thunderstorms, earthquakes or mud slides.  Just about every catastrophe or natural disaster they try bring about, just to see if it is possible, and then, they brag about it on the line: “I am a Goauld, and I did that!”  

I am trying to bring the writings of philosophers across time, form Confucius to Descartes to John Locke, to Alexander Hamilton to support my argument that the Goaulds should not be ignored, that “life is tough”, but do not teach your children to be “a little evil” because, if manipulated by a Goauld, a benign observation can turn into a catastrophe.  Besides, the deal with the Devil does not have to be big, It Can Be Little..!   My strong believe in God is my best defense so far, against them.  I find my answers when and after I pray, I have the strongest ‘confirmation’ of all, when I know that I did not falter, and if I err, I make amends.  Pure and simply!   


  1. Emily

    Recommending this book to people interested in learning about Goauldism. It’s indeed a very thorough book about it.

    • faye

      I just started attending a class about it. I guess I’ll be grabbing this book now. Thanks!


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