What do POLITICIANS and GRAZING GOATS have in Common?

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What do POLITICIANS and GRAZING GOATS have in Common?


The answer to the question is “neither know anything about fixing Health Care.”  One doesn’t care, and the other has their “hand in the middle of the transaction of Health Care money’s.”  These two sentences represent the simplified definition of today’s Health Care crisis.  Now, lets put some clarity to question so you can make an intelligent vote.


First, let’s apologize to “grazing goats” for including them in this article.  Their whole life evolves around which clump of grass to eat and when to “dump” it.  But the politicians are different.  They started the downward spiral of Health Care starting in 1965, and it continues today, almost 60 years later.


In my coming book “Health Care in Crisis,” I explain how the politicians inserted themselves into Health Care, even though they knew nothing about Health Care, then, or now.  The Health Insurance Companies were “drafted” by the politicians/government to provide “bookkeeping expertise” to the Health Care industry, and the insurance companies took advantage of the opportunity to insert themselves into the Health Care “money machine.”  There’s more evidence and truths to be learned in the book.  Many of you may disagree with my premises, but remember, I lived the experience, so before you decide to “not like” my true story about Health Care, be honest with yourself.  You may be part of the problem because you believed lies.  Be honest and be a part of the “solution” that can change your life for the better.


Yes, I am a United States citizen but the Health Care crisis is a worldwide problem.  The idea of government-run health care, or health care for all, or health care is a “right,” is so non-sensical that even the grazing goat would know better.  Any government around the world that wants you to believe in any of the above only wants to buy your vote, or your loyalty.  Do you have enough integrity to not believe any of that nonsense?  The truth about your health is really simple.  Your health is determined by your DNA and your lifestyle, that’s it.  ANYBODY who believes a government run health care program can give them good health, or that ANY health insurance program can give you good health, or you can beg, borrow, or steal good health is living in fantasyland.  You can help fix health care by learning how to vote for people who are against government run health care, because they can also fix our legal system.


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