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Anita Legsdin

Anita Legsdin is the brilliant author of the promising book Remembrance of Meals Past. Her love for cooking has always been keeping the fire burning inside her. Anita was taught how to cook by her mother — who also learned the art of cooking from Anita’s grandma, the head chef of Pavlova the Russian ballerina. She attended a cooking school in France and successfully turned out to be a professional chef. Anita is a Latvian native; hence, she grew up around Eastern European cuisine and dishes, like sausages and sauerkraut.

Eleanor Gaccetta

Eleanor Gaccetta was raised in a small farming area just outward of Denver. She has served the state of Colorado for over 31 years, where the last 7 years of it she used in order to serve as the Departments of Human Services and Medicaid’s legislative analyst. In the early years of her employment, she ventured to acquire both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Regis University. Moreover, Ellie is the author of the promising book One Caregiver’s Journey that contains her journey as her mother’s caregiver for more than 9 years.

Virgil Revish

Virgil Revish is not just an amazing author but also a brilliant consultant, motivational speaker, and mentor. In 2014, he conquered the college prep manual realm with the launching of his book Vision: Going To The Next Level. Moreover, he is a Virginia native who is softhearted and compassionate. Virgil always tries to see the good in every circumstances and utilizes his inner magnet to attract the perfect chances and relationships.

Denise Watts-Wilson

Denise Watts-Wilson is the author of the promising books The Power of Our Relationships. She is also the lead author of Nuggets of Gold. Aside from being a prolific author, she is also the executive director of The John Maxwell Team. Before she became a part of the organization, she spent 23 years of her life as a public school teacher and 24 years of it in ministry. Denise attended Hunter College, City University of New York where she successfully acquired her degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Elementary Education. For her postgraduate degrees, she went into the Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and earned her master’s degrees in Christian Education and Divinity in Religious Education.


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