Weekly Quotes: Kathleen & Jan Makkreel , UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Weekly Quotes | 4 comments

Jan Makkreel was born in 1926 in Rotterdam Holland and had a very happy childhood until war broke out and food became scarce. Under the Shadow of the Swatika is Jan’s recollection of all the dark horrors brought by the Nazi Occupation and how he survived all these.


  1. Sheska

    How can a time so sinister provide such beautiful pieces in literature?

    • Gianna

      I guess pain or fear can be such a wonderful inspirations.

  2. Sheska

    these quotes really make me want to read the book

  3. Rebecca

    Yeah! it’s a very refreshing perspective on the nazis and world war 2


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