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Scott Rahn

Scott Rahn is the author of the 2014 work The Book of It. It is a collection of a wide variety of topics that hopes to inspire debate and curiosity. In his book, Rahn opens several ideas and concepts on philosophy and religion that he encountered or experienced, and wants to share it with his readers. The Book of It is also filled with history, legends, and philosophy as well as thought-provoking discussions. Scott Rahn’s book is personal and yet it encompasses topics that many of today’s modern readers can relate to. 

Marylin Taplin

Marilyn Taplin is the author of the Christian book A Law from Eden: Solving the Mystery of Original Sin, published in 2001. While growing up, Marylin Taplin committed herself to only think about positive, good, clean, and wholesome thoughts. Taplin got married in the late 1950s. During that time, matters of sexual issues were seldom discussed. Today, ideas on gender rights, sexual liberation, and gender preferences are openly discussed in schools and various media. Taplin is shocked by today’s cultural practices and morality. This propelled Marylin to research more about the bible and to study deeper about God’s laws on morality, thus her book A Law from Eden.

Charles Marquez

Charles Marquez is a former US Army Officer. Marquez served tours in Colombia, South America, and Toronto, Canada. He firmly believes in the preservation of all lives, including innocent unborn. Through his many years of service in the armed forces, Marquez believes that world peace is attainable by the restructuring of the United Nations. This, he said, will ultimately preventing warfare, rather than futile attempts to remedy those situations. He firmly believes that all things are possible and can be attained with the appropriate application of discipline and ethical behavior.


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