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I am an Author, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Mentor.

In 2014, Virgil Revish rocked the college prep manual world with the release of Vision: Going To The Next Level’, designed to help young readers reach the destiny they dream of through a structured and logical program. One of my #Mentee’s who have received his #Masters, and is now working on his PHD.

Vision: Going to The Next Level-Celebrated college prep manual proof the Vision system really works. I am a compassionate connector, native of Petersburg, Va, who looks for the positive in every situation and uses my internal magnet to attract the right opportunities and relationships..


In all phases and stages of life, there are many options, opportunities and paths that one can take. Usually, however, there is a process, that may have many roads that will lead an individual to success. The purpose of this Manual is to identify and define some of the roads, opportunities and options and to help the reader, through a planned program, to reach his/her destiny. Without regard for the individual, everyone seeking success needs a vision and a plan. This manual, VISION – Going to the Next Level is more than a plan. It is a program designed to help the reader/student hone the vision, create, improve and execute the academic plan and necessary steps that takes the vision from a simple longing and desire all the way to reality. Let’s get started now to define your vision and understand as you prepare to take the steps that will lead to your success. Setting your goals, doing your research and taking the necessary steps are always important.


  1. Kaylee

    This would be a great book for young adults. Especially since, in today’s society, they can be easily distracted away from their potential and goals.

    • Justin

      I have bought this for my niece, and everyday, I help her with it.


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