Valerie the Futa Mermaid by Liliah Raye

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Thank you Elizabeth for inviting me to share my work on Authors’ Lounge! It’s an honour to be included here, among all of these great writers.

My name is Liliah Raye, I’m an author of unique sci-fi erotic-romance books featuring lesbian and futanari characters, and it’s my pleasure to share with you my latest work, Valerie the Futa Mermaid.

This book is the second installment of the Alpha Futas of the Sea series, and if you enjoy both sci-fi and futanari literature, I guarantee you’ll be in for quite a ride! Like book one of the series (Oceana the Futa Mermaid), this work is also a combination of sci-fi, fantasy and erotica. Valerie the Futa Mermaid also has a unique and exciting plot, and of course, several scorching-hot sex scenes.

After being injected by a serum, on a beautiful planet far away from Earth, Valerie transforms into a gorgeous lavender-skinned futanari. The serum has one side-effect however – It causes bouts of extreme sexual desire for a few days! Her first mission with her wife Oceana involves rescuing a rich and spoiled 18-year-old and escorting her home safely. Because of the serum, the blonde finds herself insanely tempted by the young woman that they’re helping. Oceana does her best to satisfy Valerie whenever her need arises, but would Oceana be enough for her? Would Valerie be able to resist temptation and stay faithful to her wife?

Excerpt from the book…

Every time Kim picked up something from the pile, she leaned over all the way, with her behind in the air. The shorts the young woman was wearing barely covered her bottom. Valerie wondered if Kim was trying to excite her or her wife. She couldn’t help but stare at the young woman’s luscious ass every time she bent over. The blonde soon began to feel an incredible amount of lust, and found herself undressing Kim with her eyes. Her loins hurt, and she had a desperate urge to push her to the sand and penetrate her. She knew she was deeply in love with Oceana, and understood her intense arousal was mostly due to the serum.

Oceana noticed Valerie’s eyes were glowing again, and caught her gazing hungrily at the young woman’s ass. She knew the diabolical thoughts that were going on in her wife’s mind.

What readers are saying about Valerie the Futa Mermaid

A unique take on the genre… My wife and I enjoyed it immensely – Marv from Mars

Wow, what a ride! I have to start by saying how surprised I was at this book! …I found this to be very tongue in cheek but also funny and riveting all at the same time. I think the author Lilliah Raye has created a set of characters that are fun and incredibly hornyI think you will enjoy this book if you like short reads, sexy characters, the fantasy genre and erotic stories. This is the first time I have read a book like this and it won’t be the last it was loads of fun. Recommended! – Reflected

Hot and sweet. I really loved this story, it was so sexy! The author makes everything flow so well through the story, and the sex was very hot and erotic, especially the beach scenes – you’ll see – Julie Martin

I lovedddd this one! This was a great installment to this series! I’m hoping that this author continues this series at least one more book! The two main characters, Valerie and Oceana are very interesting and very hot. This book is unique – A. M. Gilliam

This book contains graphic depictions of sexual acts and other explicit adult content.

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