Truth Defining Health Care

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I think there are way too many people around the world confused about the definition of Health Care.  With Governments and politicians bloviating endlessly “about fixing Health Care” as their reason for seeking public office, it’s no wonder the American people equate having Health Care with the need for Health Insurance.  To further complicate the issue, we have politicians, governments and health insurance companies constantly reinforcing to the unknowing how necessary health insurance is to their health.

Let’s begin by examining terms being used today that really do not tell us very much.  When I began writing about so called health care issues, I looked at a Webster’s Dictionary, published in 1970.  That dictionary did not contain the term “health care,” either as one word or two words.  Then, ask yourself, “where did the term come from?”  My guess is that the term was first used by politicians wanting to get their hands into the money pile created by Health Care.

Then there is my favorite, “health insurance company.”  Insurance is a viable term, defined by Webster’s as “protection against loss.”  When you add the words “health” and “company,” you no longer meet the definition of insurance, but instead create a product that is actually a financial plan that may, or may not pay for your medical, or health needs.  It gets worse!  Every contract signed and paid for, will contain a list of medical services that are either covered, or not covered for the term of the contract.  It’s called “cost containment” by the health insurance companies.

Have you ever heard the term “pre-existing conditions?”  The term did not come into being until health insurance companies entered the health system at the asking of governments and politicians.  Prior to the entrance of “pre-existing conditions” doctors treated every patient’s conditions regardless of how many, or what they were.  It was health insurance companies who “created” pre-existing conditions, which brings us to the definition of your health.  Your health is the sum total of your DNA and life style.  Really simple isn’t it?  Got questions?  I would love to hear from you.

Fritz Scheffel

Author of “Health Care in Crisis

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