Torn by Karen Moore

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My debut thriller Torn is a gritty contemporary thriller set in Sicily and North Wales, a tale of intrigue and betrayal. It tells the story of Hanna, a young English woman, who meets and marries Luciano, a handsome Sicilian businessman, and settles down to an idyllic life on the island. But all is not what it seems, and she discovers to her horror that Luciano is leading a double life.

When the whole family is threatened, Hanna decides to flee Sicily with her small daughter, Eva. Together, they create a new life in North Wales, but the past is never far behind. When Eva is kidnapped, Hanna is forced to return to Sicily to face the dark world of organised crime in a desperate bid to rescue her daughter. But will she succeed, and what else is at stake?

One review described Torn as “a captivating, cleverly plotted, fast-paced thriller”. The book will appeal to readers who identify with the protagonist and her struggle to protect her daughter. It is also a vivid portrayal of Sicily which, although fictional, is largely grounded in fact. A great opportunity to enjoy both Sicily and North Wales from the comfort and safety of your sofa in these restrictive times.

I was inspired to write the book after reading news reports about the plight of large numbers of illegal immigrants fleeing to Europe via Sicily from North Africa. They were crossing the Mediterranean Sea in atrocious conditions, often in overcrowded boats that were barely seaworthy. Many went missing at sea or died en route. Governments were struggling to deal with the situation and the traffickers seemed to be operating with apparent impunity.I thought this would make the perfect backdrop for a thriller. I wanted the central character to be an ordinary young women who is unwittingly caught up in this world and whose very existence, and that of her daughter, is threatened by it.

The main themes of the book are resilience and the power of strong bonds between family and friends, but also the perfidious nature of people. I wanted to highlight the issue of human trafficking which continues today, but not at the same scale as before. But, above all else, the book is intended to be an entertaining read.

I have just finished writing a sequel as I believed the story had further potential. This is currently going through the editing process and should be available later this year.

Although the second book is a sequel, it is also intended to work as a standalone novel. There could even be a third novel in the series yet, but we will have to wait and see.

As for me, I am currently based in Cheshire, in north west England. My younger days were largely nomadic, working as a tour guide, mainly in Europe but also in the USA and Canada. I went on to develop a career in PR and marketing where writing was a key requirement and a creative streak certainly helped. It wasn’t until much later that I started to dedicate more time to developing my own writing, starting with short stories and moving on to my debut novel, Torn. I am an avid reader and particularly enjoy thrillers. I am also a keen cook, love to play tennis and go hiking.

Interested in reading Torn?Here is the blurb:

Like any mother, Hanna would do anything to protect her small daughter, Eva.

When she discovers that her husband, Luciano, is not all he seems and their blissful life on the island of Sicily is threatened, she wastes no time in seeking refuge abroad. But just as they are settling into their new life in North Wales, Eva disappears.

In a race against time, Hanna is forced to return to Sicily and face the dark world of organised crime in a bid to secure her daughter’s safe return. She must also confront the truth about Luciano’s business dealings and their horrific consequences.

But will Hanna succeed in getting Eva back and bring Luciano to justice?

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