Tom and G.E.R.I. by C. A. Knutsen

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Tom Williams left Tipton, Washington fifteen years ago. He had just graduated from high school, and his parents had been killed in a car accident. As the story opens Tom returns to Tipton longing to explore the forested land that was forbidden to him as a boy. The universe has a way of complicating things, but Tom learns that not all complications are bad.

This book was a joy to write. One morning I woke up with a ten-word sentence on my mind. That sentence had everything I needed to get started. It gave me the feeling there was a story to write. The sentence was in 1st person, so I knew that the book would be. The content of the sentence implied a rural setting. Most of all it introduced me to my character, not by name, but by the way he was speaking. It became the first sentence in the book.

All of my books are suited for people who are looking for a “gentler place to be for a while,” as one of the reviewers of Tom and G.E.R.I. wrote. Reviewers of my books say that they feel better after reading them and have renewed hope for us humans. I have no age category in mind when I write, but my books are free of scenes and language unsuitable for young people.

I started writing because I couldn’t find stories where doing the right thing or caring for others was the first thing that came to a character’s mind. As Tom says to Eleanor in Tom and G.E.R.I. when she asked if he was really that selfless, “Self never came up, Eleanor. It never occurred to me to do those things any other way.” My main characters are not saints, but they do act on their values as naturally as taking their next breath. Conflicts and tense situations arise, but they seem to find clever ways to resolve them without violence. They don’t carry weapons and don’t blow things up.

We humans are sensitive creatures and kindness is very much a part of who we are. Amid the fictions we create and the fears we manufacture we forget that we can only glimpse what is real through love and kindness. In my writing I show that acting from our true nature has rewarding and fun results.

I hope the readers of Tom and G.E.R.I. and my other books enjoy the stories and like the characters. I hope they feel good about the time they spend reading them, and of course, I hope they tell everyone how much they enjoyed the books.

I tried writing other stories after completing Tom and G.E.R.I. but found that I wanted to spend more time with Tom and his friends. So I’m working on content for a possible sequel.  I would love to hear from my readers about what they liked about Tom and G.E.R.I. so I can keep those ideas in mind when writing the next book. (email [email protected])

The attractive cover for Tom and G.E.R.I. was done by Christian Bentulan. If you are looking for an artist, Christian is great to work with.  

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Its mountains, forests, rivers, and rugged ocean coastlines inspire me to think about the life on our planet in all its forms, and the role we have in sustaining that life and caring for each other. My background in science and business always seems to find its way into my writing. I am very optimistic about what we humans can be, and you will find that optimism expressed in all that I write.


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