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Whether you are an up and coming author, experienced author, or a self-publishing author, there will always be a need for an online platform. To reach success in the future, your online platform will give you that leg up. How so? You ask. An online platform might seem irrelevant, however, this will surely play a great part to the success of your book. Having a solid online platform will provide you with an audience. This audience will hopefully be the buyers of the books you publish or wish to publish. Hiring a person to handle your online platform can be quite expensive. Thus, writers are now taking online platforms managing into their own hands. Here are tips to surely amplify your online platform.

Establish Your Persona

The first thing tip to grow your digital platform is through figuring out your online identity. In order to establish your persona, you must decide how you want to display who you are to your audience. Basically, you are going to build your brand through your persona. Having no established identity will make it hard to drive traffic towards your online platform. No one can dictate what persona you want to establish so long as it is who you are or who you want to be portrayed. This is a decision you have to make for yourself. Think your persona thoroughly as this can be how you will gain a number of audience and determine your authenticity and difference from other authors. With an established persona, it will be easier for you to fill your online platform with the content you want to share.

Keep Your Platform Moving

Whatever online platform you have chosen, you have to keep it moving to build a following. Moving by means of continually writing blog contents and posts that your target readers will want to read. The content of your online platform is what drives more readers to view and visit it. Writing content does not mean you have to write one on a daily basis. But rather, write and share content weekly or on a schedule. Another tip to boost your online platform is to add top keyword searches. Insert some keywords on your content to help you rank on search engines and connect with you with your readers, therefore, boosting your online presence.

Promote Audience Engagement 

Another method to boost your online platform is through communication and engagement with your audience. Write interesting content that is relatable to encourage readers to comment. Though you might have only a few fans or readers, through constant engagement with them, you will be able to gain loyal subscribers and garner a lot of attention. Promote open discussion. Get them talking. Answer or reply to their comments as much as you can. Not replying to their comments can turn off your readers.

 Diversify Online Content

A well-written and engaging content has greater chances of readers sharing this to others which can open opportunities for you to gain another subscriber. When writing for your online channel, it is significant that you write about topics and issues you want to talk about. Writing about things you enjoy will show your readers your authenticity and your attitude rather than writing topics other people enjoy. However, writing something that your target audience might want to read can bring in a huge impact to your website. A good impact that is. A content that people would want to read will bring in a huge number of audience.

Consider a Collaboration

The last tip we can share to you is to do a collaboration. Collaboration means you will work with other authors and other platforms. You can invite an author to write for your online platform and vice versa or you both can work together on one content. Through this, you can link and advertise your brand and online platform and vice versa. As a result of your collaboration, you can gain and reach more audiences. Another collaboration technique is to work with prominent platforms. For example, the platform, ReadersMagnet Author’s Lounge. This digital outlet is a prominent platform, therefore, you can assume that it reaches a huge number of audience. Sequentially, sharing your stories and joining the platform will provide you great opportunities of bringing an influx of viewers to your platform. By signing up on this platform, you’ll get to enjoy $250 worth of publishing and marketing packages. 


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