‘Those We Trust’ forthcoming suspense/romance book released May 18 2021

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat with ‘Author’s Lounge’ about my forthcoming book, Those We Trust, being published with GenZ Publishing and released May 18th 2021.

What Those We Trust is all about..

Broken and humiliated by her husband of ten years leaving her unexpectedly, Sophia Meadows muddles through her daily routine – writing computer programs and rarely leaving her house. That is, until an old friend from university shows up at her door with a chance to get away and heal in the Scottish Highlands of Inverness by flat-sitting. Yet once she arrives, she soon discovers the offer is not what she bargained for.

A police surveillance team are watching her every move and a mysterious man is after the contents of a safe hidden in the wall. After a break-in at the apartment, her path collides with DI Marcus Armstrong, the man in charge of the apartment surveillance. Sophia is swept into an investigation of fraud involving her university friend and into a sudden attraction with the handsome DI who finds himself drawn to her even though she’s a suspect in his case.

With evidence piling up against her and her friend, and the attraction between her and Marcus growing stronger, Sophia is forced to confront her broken heart and find a way to clear her name. In a tangled web of secrets and clues, can she and Marcus work through their attraction and learn to trust each other in time to stop a criminal and possibly a life?

Where did the idea for Those We Trust spring from…

It burst into life from this idea of exploring friendships and betrayal, and how much do we truly trust one another.  I also wanted to delve into the world of fraud and bring this together alongside a love story that centres on letting someone into your heart even when you have been badly hurt.  The story is set in one of my all time favourite countries  – Scotland, within the highlands. If ever you can visit this area I highly recommend, it is breathtakingly beautiful. The occurring theme throughout the book is trust – who should we trust and what will be the consequence of doing so. I love the idea of pushing the boundaries on this. My main character, Sophia, is a woman who has been badly hurt by her husband, is at a very low place but finds herself unable to help falling for DI Marcus and trying to help her friend, Aneella.  At heart she is an optimist, and wants to believe in the best of people.  I think we can all relate to that.  She is also a passionate woman but it takes her a while to understand this about herself.

Who is the target audience?

This book is for anyone who enjoys romance mixed in with edge of danger and suspense, and likes to be surprised with unexpected twists. It crosses over a few genres and for anyone aged 16+.

What’s coming next?

A sequel to Those We Trust is being written as we speak so watch this space! I am also working towards adapting it for the small screen.

About the author…

‘Those We Trust’ by Marie Jones

I’m a mum of two and also work in a primary school so my writing routine is very much structured around my day.  I come in from work and sit straight down at the computer for an hour or two, then try and squeeze in more time later around busy family life. It can be challenging but I could never imagine not writing, it is my passion! I’m also one of those crazy fitness people who loves working out and will soon be completing my very first half marathon for charity.

How to find Marie on social media…

Website: www.mariejonesbritishwriter.com

Facebook: @MarieJonesWriter

Twitter: @mariejones14057

Instagram: @mariejones4103

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/user/show/54887087-marie-jones


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