There has got to be more to life than this (LIGHT YOUR SOUL – On Fire) | Becca Grabinski

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Transformation can happen in a moment.  The moment we wake up from the life filled with the same motions.  Wake, work, dinner, sleep, repeat – or whatever your current routine is.  I was deep into this life.

I did ALL the things ‘right’ according to the rules that society listed for me.  I got a bachelor’s degree, a great career in corporate America, bought a house in the suburbs, got married, had 2.5 kids, and I STILL felt miserable.  But I followed ALL the rules.  With mere perfect in record timing.  I was asleep at the wheel just waiting for retirement to come because THEN I could live.

A tiny voice and a strong feeling amongst my body screamed out for love, for a spiritual awakening, for transformation like I have never experienced before.  I was scared.  It was safe where I was.  The world ‘thought’ I was successful.  What would everyone say. I couldn’t hold back anymore.  I was miserable.  I let it all go.  The home.  The marriage.  The way of life.

I kept leaning into what felt aligned for me.  I hired coaches.  I read books.  I journaled, meditated, and screamed into my pillow.  I prayed, I begged.  I searched.  I went to retreats.  I traveled around the world.   What I found was more profound and beautiful that what I could have ever imagined.  I found my true north.  Alignment.  Purpose.

Fulfillment. I let go of what the world thought of me and fell in love with myself.  I learned that when we have a solid relationship with ourselves, we then can create amazing relationships with others.   Quite profound.   Out of this entire transformation this is what I learned:  The story we tell about any person, event, etc. is what we will believe.  If the story does not serve the life we desire to live we get to get out a blank piece of paper and re-write it.  Once we start to believe that this is and can be true for us – it completely transforms our life into what feels like magic.

I re-wrote my past, healed many of my deepest life wounds, and re-created a life that I love.  A life that gets better each and every day.   I now live in a beautiful home on the lake with an amazing man and our four children.  I created a business where I help other souls that desire the freedom of alignment.  I travel when I want.

I surrender to my souls’ path which is the perfect path for me.  I decided that this gets to be easy.  That of course life is always working out for me and I follow my internal guidance always.   Transformation can happen in your life in a moment.  Decide it gets to be yours.  Decide that there are current beliefs that are no longer serving you.  Release the fear of the ego to keep it safe in staying where you are.  Listen to the whisper of your intuition as it is always the path of least resistance.

Monitor your thoughts and vibrations.  Allow yourself to connect the universe and create a partnership.  You don’t need to go down this path alone.  The universe will not intervene unless you ask it to.  What would your life look like IF you only did what felt aligned and best for you?  If you filled your cup first and then allowed that radiant feeling to emanate into everyone you encounter.

How would that change the world?    Check out Light Your Soul on Fire to experience deep transformation in your life.  You are worthy and deserving of enjoying every moment of this life.


  1. Grace Dixon

    This book had such a deep impact on me. I started journaling after reading this and safe to say, it changed my life.

    • Morrison

      It helped me tap into myself better.


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