The Triunix of Time: Book 1 in the Time Series by L. M. Montes

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The Triunix of Time: Time Series Book 1 is the beginning of an ultimate quest that spans four books. It starts with Tora Jasper, who arrives home in East Tawas, Michigan after a long drive from Norfolk, Virginia. Doing so reminds her of the tragedy that befell her parents a year ago, so she doesn’t want to stay too long. She wants to finish with her parents’ affairs and get back to Virginia. However, her friend and fate have different plans for her, so she stays…. for now. She starts by going through her parents’ belongings, and, while cleaning out the attic, comes across a letter her father left her; a letter with a secret that turns her world upside down.

In the meantime, she meets Kyle Stevens and John Cummings and discovers her connection to them goes beyond the here and now. Through them she soon discovers more clues that lead not only to more secrets about her family and herself but also to a whole other world and a quest to go with it. The journey won’t be easy. Her adversary, the Black Mamba, is there at every turn threatening her whole existence. It isn’t just him but the darkness he represents. She finds a calm in the darkness, and it scares her.

Will Kyle help her stay in the light and be the protector he claims to be, or will she succumb to the darkness? After all, he has his own secrets. At first, it goes well, but when Tora, Kyle, and John hit a snag, something goes very wrong. Soon they are in a race against time.

Inspiration for The Triunix of Time

Originally, this story was supposed to be a romance based on a true-life relationship spritzed with a story that was to center around dreams and dreaming. However, during my undergrad years in collage, that quickly changed when my creative writing professor gave me the idea of including magic of some sort. Suddenly writing a romance novel wasn’t appealing anymore. The fantasy genre sunk its teeth into me, and it never let go. So, a story centered around three gemstones and a family secret going back the Magi was born.

Target Audience

My target audience includes those who embrace fantasy/urban fantasy. In addition, the inner struggles of the protagonist’s feelings of inadequacy and lack of inner strength coupled with the inner journey she goes on to overcome these struggles, speaks to those readers experiencing the same conflicts.

Main Takeaway

Throughout our lives there are times when we need help working through something; whether it’s grief from loss of a loved one, gaining self-confidence, or gaining inner strength. God is our strength through His Son Jesus Christ. All we need to do is ask Him for help. The theme of this book draws from this.

Goals for the Future

I market this book heavily in person and online, and I will continue to do so. I am currently working on book 2 (then on book 3), so I plan on marketing them together once my second and third novels in the series are finished. My long-range goal is for there to be a fourth book in the series that connects all three stories in this series. A profound Thank you to the Authors’ Lounge for featuring my novel, The Triunix of Time. I greatly appreciate your support.

About the Author

L. M. MONTES is a writer with many interests. Writing by far is at the top of that list. She has traveled extensively in her writing career and has lived in far-off places. These experiences have enriched her writing, and she uses them in her stories.

She is also a United States veteran who served 6 years in the Navy Reserves. She says, “I am very proud to have served this great country of ours and serving you the people of this great nation.” She currently lives in the American Northwest.




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