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First of all, I would like to thank Reader’s Magnet for giving me this opportunity to share my feelings and beliefs. They have been very good partners in helping me to promote my book and in writing this Blog.

I have been asked WHY I wrote my book ‘My Spiritual Journey”. At first I could only say because the Lord told me to, but as I have had time to reflect on my life and why the Lord would want me to publish my experiences, I’ve come to realize why it is so important that people know the truth. As I have stated in my book, it is a legacy of our family to uphold the truth at all costs, even if it isn’t in our best interests. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to lie, and avoid uncomfortable situations rather than do the right thing and admit it if you’re up against the wall. Also, if a person commits to always tell the truth, it may save countless mistakes because you wouldn’t want anyone to find out what you did……..and sometimes the truth seems stranger than fiction. Such is my case. There are many reasons why my book is very important at this time in the history of our world. We need an awakening like never before……well, maybe before the flood, but by then the people were so wicked and far gone that it was hopeless and God had to just get rid of the whole mess. We do not have much time to set things right if need be. We are on the brink of something no-one on this earth has ever seen. (see Matthew chp 24) It’s vitally important to know what’s going on and what to do about it. That’s what my book is all about.

Let me start by saying that I’m rather unique in that I was raised a generation earlier than most. By that I mean that I was raised as if I was born in the early 1900’s, when I was actually born in 1938. You see, my dad was born in 1879 and back then things were totally different than it is now. (I’ve told that story in my book) Society has degenerated at a very rapid rate in the past one hundred years. This world now is like living on a different planet from back then. I remember vividly my father sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch watching the jets fly by. He would remark how incredible it was that he was born before there was even one car on the road as he was born back in the horse and buggy days. Even though things were not perfect then, they had a much higher standard when it came to morals. It was unheard of for couples to live together without being married. If they did so, they were shunned and cast out as wicked….and so it goes in a lot of areas.

When I was only six or seven years old, us kids had gone to the farm with daddy. He was a potato farmer and worked there most of the time. Sometimes he would let us go with him for the day. We had an old rattle-trap pick-up that was almost falling apart, but it got us from town to the farm. One day as we were getting ready to come home, we were standing in back of the pick-up and daddy was putting something in it. I remember as if it were yesterday, I said, “Daddy, will the world ever come to an end?” He said, “Yes it will, but let’s not talk about it right now”, so I had to wait until after supper to ask again. Then started the education of my life. My dad was a great scriptorian and he knew the whole program. I’ve since come to learn for myself, that reading and studying the scriptures is really the only way you will actually be able to understand what is going on in this world. God is real! He knows the end from the beginning and it’s impossible for God to lie. So, being so well informed as he was, he told us kids how things all come about and what was going to happen if people didn’t obey God. He told us that actually the earth wouldn’t be destroyed, but all wickedness on the earth would come to an end and it would be mankind themselves that would do the killing. It’s man’s wicked ways that have caused the violent changes in the weather, the love of money and power, all the lies and deceits, and every other wicked and impure practice. Yes, that will end and a whole new society will emerge. Those that make it through the Great Tribulation, as the book of Revelation reveals, will be those people who knows there is a God and are willing to obey His counsels. At present, there is a great polarization taking place. The wheat is being separated from the tares. The prophecies tell us that the wicked will kill the wicked. We can see that on the horizon, can’t we? The fight has always been Jesus against Satan. In the end Jesus wins and Satan is the looser. The Lord God loves all of His children unconditionally, but only those that love and obey Him will be able to go back and be with Him after this life. He can’t put up even the least degree of evil.

So where does that leave you and me? We have choices. The greatest blessing, we have is the gift of free agency. God lets us be totally free to choose what we will. He isn’t happy when we make bad choices, but He’s quick to forgive if we correct our mistakes.

So what can we do now? It’s called repentance. That’s what the prophets have cried for all the ages and they have been cast out, stoned, hated, and all the rest for the love of God. The first place to start would be to look up the Ten Commandments and ask yourself where you stand regarding those. There’s a reason why they are no longer in public places. This is the day of Satan’s power an he’s going to do all he can to win as many as he can before it’s too late for him. His days are numbered. Whose side are you on?


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