The Seeding by Mick Evris

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The beginning of any great creative endeavor, starts with that tiny spark of potential that magically imprints itself upon the canvas of our mind. Readers Magnet has allowed me the opportunity to sew the seeds of wisdom and imagination to anyone wanting the opportunity to grow. The seed of creation cannot grow in a polluted environment, and if by chance it does, it will be an undernourished, crippled version of what could have been a splendiferous event. We are continually inundated with thoughts from the past.  Sizable contributions from family, friends, coworkers, city officials, news articles, and past reactions to circumstances leave us crippled and detached from the Divine Force surrounding us. It is important to know where your thoughts originate from and what kind of imprint those thoughts leave on you and the rest of the universe. Sweep away yesterday’s mental debris and make room for this moment’s silence to speak.


Because of the vibratory energy link we share with all things, we effect our environment and all things within it in a profound way, as our environment and all things within it effects us.

Scientifically, we have observed that when two or more independent vibrational or rhythmic processes are in proximity of each other, they may synchronize with each other, this is known as entrainment..  An example of this was demonstrated by Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens, inventor of the pendulum clock. Huygens mounted two pendulum clocks together on a board and found, after a period of time, the pendulums would swing with the same rhythm. Thought waves  will also interact with the environment creating a push-pull relationship with one another till adjustments are made, usually the weaker vibration will adjust to the dominant vibration. In some cases one vibration will slow while the other speeds up in order to adjust to one another. In other cases, they may not adjust at all and exist in disharmony. At any rate, there is clearly sufficient evidence that a relationship exists energetically between all things.


In quantum entanglement, we observe that when two or more particles interact with each other, irrespective of distance, a correlation will always exist between them. What effects one particle will always effect the other, no matter how far apart they are separated. As people interact with each other in life, they will remain entangled on a quantum level, no mater how far apart they move from each other. Thus, our personal experiences may not be as personal as we think.


What kind of imprint are we leaving on our environment with our thought, sounds, and vibrations?  If we are prone to be of a dominant energy, is it one that can be harmoniously entrained or will it bring disharmony, or even entrain destruction?


The Readers Magnet has made it possible to show others the connectivity among the fabric of animate or inanimate vitalities and the effect our thoughts, words, and actions have on the structure of creation. Discover the magic within the pages of “THE SEEDING.”


Three gifted children are chosen by a higher power to save the earth from being devoured by malevolent creatures of the sea. Accompanied by their mentors, they cross over into an alternate reality.  The team discovers a beautiful angelic creature suspended in an amethyst enclosure that will assist them in bringing a decaying earth back to life. Seeded with spiritual wisdom, the children learn how to use lucid dreaming, entrainment, and entanglement to defeat their enemies.


The scent of roses and honeysuckle filled the air as beautiful blue butterflies delightfully danced about. A striking red fox offered companionship along the way and birds gleefully chattered while gathering breakfast. “Wow, this is truly paradise. I could stay here forever,”  Melissa swooned. The children marveled at the beauty charitably unfolding in front of them. As they walked further, a storm cloud formed ahead of them. “I knew it was all going too well, there had to be a thorn in the bush somewhere,” Arron stated. Little by little, the butterflies disappeared, the perfumed air turned putrid, and the fox cowered fearfully behind them. A stagnant pool of brackish water blocked their passage. Maggots overtook the decomposing foliage on the path beneath their feet. The air was heavy with a foggy gloom. Jr. held his arm out to prevent his companions from going any further. “Look who’s here,” Jr. gesticulated for his friends to look ahead. “No wonder everything turned to crap, John the Jerk is here,” Arron said.


John was standing at the edge of the stagnant pool of stench. He had gathered a fair amount of butterflies together and put them in a jar. One by one he took them out, crumbled them to dust in his fist and fed them to the decay. John began to chant in a low pitched guttural voice,  ” I offer to you all my hate, fear, and unkind thoughts. I have taken the life and beauty from these garden beings and turned them to dust for your pleasure. I am forever your servant. I feed to you the energy of innocence to use as you will.”


A foul steam rose from the stagnant pool out of which a creature from the underworld had formed. It resembled a prehistoric reptile with four flippers, like it’s father, had a giant mouth built for destruction. “I am X, son of Plio. You have pleased me with your offerings of destruction and pain. You are a loyal servant and shall be rewarded for your deeds. My father has a message for you John. Come closer, I will deliver his unhallowed bidding. You have been seeded with my fathers malevolence. He names you the Prince of Despair. You shall inseminate depravity and wickedness into the mental fluids of mankind. We are at war, and you are my father’s soldier, the commander of death and decay.  My father’s seed will grow and fester in the ignorant mist of the human mind, as it did in yours.”


Thank you ReadersMagnet


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