The Recipe by Reggie Grubb

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“The Recipe” is a self-help book for the common, everyday person who is seeking change in their life. Motivational speaker, life coach and writer, Reggie Grubb, has been in relentless pursuit of his dream of being a New York Times Best-Selling author over the past three years. Always optimistic, Reggie feels he is closer to that dream than he has ever been. Despite seeking literary representation for his fiction novel, Josephine, and working diligently to build a strong community on Tik Tok, he didn’t hesitate to advertise his book, “The Recipe” on the Author’s Lounge.

On his journey to reach his dreams, Reggie had a light bulb moment. He felt led by God to write a book about everything he has learned on his journey of life, things he wished he had known as a young man. He was amazed at how ignorant he was at the age of thirty-eight concerning many of the topics in his book. Reggie was overjoyed when he heard that the Author’s Lounge wanted to advertise his novel, “The Recipe” because he is passionate about teaching all the things he had learned from many of the books he had read, life experiences, mentors, classes, and lastly an unexpected spiritual awakening.

Reggie Grubb Author of The RecipeReggie wants everyone interested in his book on the Author’s Lounge to know “The Recipe” is written in simple English and full of advice that will save the reader thousands of dollars in self-improvement and make them thousands of dollars as well, if they are seeking change in their life. The book includes advice on how to create positive thinking, ways to make your cell phone a business, a teacher, and a mentor, advice on how to create new programs in the subconscious mind and even what to expect from family and friends when you chase your dreams. It also includes advice on being one’s true self and embracing one’s God-given gifts and talents to create a new world, not only themselves but for others as well. Please help Reggie in the realization of his tremendous goal to serve humanity and reach those who normally wouldn’t have access to all the life-changing information in “The Recipe.”


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