The Poetic Journey of Carl Porten

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Carl Porten is an aspiring poet, a freelance writer and author of his new book of poems “A Poet’s Reverie“. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Paulo Coelho. This has been so true for Carl. Writing poems had always been on his bucket list and with this book, eventually, this dream has become a reality.

He is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Being a vegan, he has been a part of many famous animal rights, vegan, earth and oceans conservation groups. The Sea Shepherd and allied campaigns are some examples. Having an open ended approach to spirituality through respecting all life forms is what makes his poems so unique. His writings span many decades. Carl has developed an unique insight that illuminates through this book, that speaks for all of us.

Carl’s abstract style of writing while describing his experiences extract emotions that can move readers’ hearts. It evokes an array of feelings as his words connect your soul to reflections rarely seen. A lifelong writer, Carl has been interpreting his unique perspectives within his poetic journey. With this first publication, he has become eligible for Wordsbrew Authors’ Award.

Carl Porten’s First Collection

His first collection of these poems is certain to cascade you through time and space. With “A Poet’s Reverie,” the first of his many books, readers will be able to relate to his journey. As they travel and share his enriching experiences through his vast imaginarium and itinerary of his vocal poems.

Being an aspiring poet and nature lover, he believes in soulful poetry that speaks for every soul. As Angie Weiland Crosby says, “In the soulful place where earth and sky meet, nature enhances one divine heartbeat.” Since writing and publishing soulful poems, such aspirations have always been on his bucket list. He now presents his collection of soulful poems and his poetic journey of Carl Porten with his book.

What is Carl Poten’s Poetry Like?

His poetry is soul-awakening and inspired by consciousness that it must bring awareness to the readers. He’s an activist, a humanitarian supporting animal compassion and the agenda to abolish cruelty against animals. Carl’s love for mother nature has made him associate with many nature conservation campaign efforts and projects. His soul-conscious thoughts is reflected in his soulful writing style. It has the power to become an integral part of every reader’s heartbeat. The rhythm flows as smoothly as the free-flowing melody of the relaxing musical notes of a piano.

Carl, on a personal level, feels that poetry is the music of the heart and song of the soul. It is his dream that his dearest readers too would feel the same heartfelt harmony and soulful song through his poems. His poems have a wide array of emotions of love, bonding, grief, compassion, spirituality, despair and hope. The rainbow of human emotions that’s a part of every beating heart and living soul. Carl wishes to have a future charitable foundation to fulfill his spiritual obligation that he feels as an activist as he has a dream to help many a suffering soul get medical assistance that they can’t afford.

Carl believes that poetry has the power to tap into the unconscious realms of the soul leading to soul consciousness and spiritual awakening. His much loved poems’ themes are best echoed in these lines from Arthur Rimbaud’s “Letter to Paul Demeny, May 15, 1871″ that reflect Rimbaud’s soulful aspirations as a poet and how he worked to make himself a seer.

“Therefore the poet is truly the thief of fire.”

A Thoughtful Poetry Book for Everyone

He is responsible for humanity, even for the animals; he will have to have his own inventions smelt, felt, and heard; if what he brings back from down there has form; if it is formless, he gives formlessness. A language must be found. Moreover, every word being an idea, the time of a universal language will come!”

As Rimbaud further states, “This language will be of the soul for the soul, containing everything, smells, sounds, colors, thought holding on to thought and pulling. The poet would define the amount of the unknown awakening in his time the universal soul: he would give more–than the formulation of his thought, than the annotation of his march toward Progress! Enormity becoming normal, absorbed by all, he would really be a multiplier of progress!”

And finally towards concluding his thoughts, Rimbaud writes, “Eternal art would have its functions, since poets are citizens. Poetry will not lend its rhythm to action, it will be in advance.”

And truly Carl’s book is a thoughtful book of a poet who shares his fair share of responsibility towards humanity and his all encompassing love and thoughts for all life forms. Truly a poet is a soulful citizen and bears his own burden of obligatory responsibility in his own way. Join him and his poetic journey.

My immense heartfelt thanks to Author’s Lounge for allowing me to submit articles about my book and for offering me a free article to be written by them to describe my book eventually to promote my debut book on their famous platform.

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  1. Mikee

    Amazing author and friendly. I loved all his poem books.

    • Carl Porten

      Awesome thanks Mikee for such wonderful comments.


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