The Oath & Blood Price by Peter-Shaun Tyrell

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Thalkin is a street urchin who has been neglected by a town steamrolling into the future. It is a tradition of Thalkin’s town to look after him as if he was one of their own by having him stay with ‘binds’ – families for a month or two. The tradition was born from a traumatic age in which the book was set. Boras, the country faced several wars as they attempted to free themselves from their oppressors. It led to children especially orphans being neglected. It was a time of strife and pain and so binds were introduced to ensure no one would be neglected. Scor however is fixated on becoming independent from its client state so it has little time for orphans like Thalkin. The only way for him to survive is to use his street smarts into negotiating favours for food and knowledge. A scholar needs some ale? Thalkin would steal some if he teaches him to read. A criminal needs to know when a shopkeepers goes to bed? Thalkin would spy on the shop for some coin. This way of survival gives Thalkin a set of skills that become invaluable to a passing sellsword named Edelia. Edelia has her own motives that she keeps close to her chest but needs Thalkin to discover the reason why Scor has been so successful in its development. Our story unfolds after this…

I can remember specifically why I wanted to write a story like this. After I read Talon of the Silver Hawk by Raymond E Feist I searched for a book that encapsulated the joy that I got from that read. Although I have read many books since then nothing really hit the same notes as that story. As this was proving a challenge, I decided to simply write the book I wanted to read. I have a very brief outline of what I want to happen in my stories. I try and let the characters take me through the world, I allow myself to be pulled along the story with them. It’s what inspires me every time I sit down to write, where will I go next? I’m simultaneously reading and writing when I write.

That is what I want to share with everyone. The people who are looking for the bread and butter of fantasy stories. I read a lot about avoiding tropes in stories, yet I seek them out when I’m picking up another book which means there are other people out there like me. That being said I love subverting expectations. Tropes give us an outline of what we can expect when we read a book. It’s comforting and familiar but if I can turn that familiarity on its head then I have accomplished two things. I have given my reader a typical story they enjoy but at the same time given them something new. Like a mirror image of something, its similar but at the same time different in enough ways for it to be a fresh take.

After they finish my book I want my readers to want more. I want them to ask questions, what next, where are they going, what are the consequences. Investment in stories is what drives us on to read more. Whether you love or hate a character you are invested in them and it becomes an obsession for us to see that character’s story end, whether a good or bad ending. Above all else I just want people to like the story. For them to read the last page and nod happily.

If I can do that and develop a good base of core fans, it’ll be a perfect debut novel for me. I’ve already had a few people message me and ask when the next one is out so it’s starting to work but I want more of those questions. Although I haven’t created any waves or had a great number of sales what the book has achieved so far has definitely exceeded my expectations and it has inspired me even more to sit down and keep on writing.

You can follow me on twitter, Instagram and Facebook by simply typing Peter-Shaun Tyrell apparently there is only one of me. You can also purchase my debut book via amazon –  if this link doesn’t work for you, again just type in my name and I’ll pop up.

Thank you to Author’s Lounge for giving me this opportunity to share a little about myself and I look forward to speaking to people who enjoy my work.


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