The Matri by Oliver Laws

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Red is a professional, a siren, a rule-breaker and damn good at what they do. When you hire Red you’re guaranteed the best conversion rate the agency has to offer, as their eyes are always on the prize. A lifetime lived and a world travelled, Red is seasoned, sexy and always in control. It’s worth the risk.

The Matri Hotel franchise boasts three elegant, world class, luxurious locations; Hong Kong, Dubai and Antigua – where our story is based. The Matri is a place for the rich and privileged to let their hair down, go wild and indulge in chaos and debauchery without consequence. Money here is the great communicator and sleaze is both expensive and camouflaged against the backdrop of tropical skies and clear waters.

Eduardo is a premier mixologist but he’s also a recovering opioid addict; service is his penance. Jared is ex-military, a director of black ops and now working off-book operations on his own terms, and being paid well for it. Adira is the head of one of the world’s leading fashion houses and can’t decide if she ever was in love with Jared or not. Nico came from nothing to build the most coveted holiday destination in the world – but at what cost? Read The Matri and find out how these characters and more come together in a story of lust, longing, violence and death, drenched in glamour and sex.

The idea of writing The Matri first came to me whilst I was on holiday on a Spanish island with my wife who was pregnant with our first child at the time. As I laid back on the sun lounger day after day I observed many strangers I had never met all going about their daily lives and began to think of how their world’s could interact from the mundane to the outrageous. Gradually I was drawn to the outrageous and had to write it down and so The Matri was born. The book is a chocolate box thriller for adults, with the characters written in such a way where you as the reader can dictate what they look like, their sexual orientation and even their gender.

I’m just starting out and consider myself very much a novice author, but I’m looking forward to honing and tweaking my skills throughout my writing career to become better and better. I live with my wife and our two beautiful children in the leafy outskirts of London. I have a full time job at the moment and write around work and family time – a constant challenge, but my goal is to become full-time author.

This is my second standalone title, following my debut; Teller which I released about a year ago. I hope my readers can take enjoyment and escapism from my work, but most importantly I want my writing to give them a sense of freedom and liberation. I’d love my readers to genuinely consider that you can be whoever you want to be.

Massive thanks to Authors Lounge for allowing me to tell you all about my work ☺

Oliver Laws is on Twitter @lawswords


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