The Legend of Nia, an epic fantasy by Daniel Villarreal

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Fantasy has always been an exciting genre for me. It’s an escape. I leave my own reality and experience another world completely foreign to my own. There is just something about the genre that makes it completely fascinating. From knights fighting valiantly in the battlefield to the cultures of different towns; there’s always something there that captures my imagination.

My first glimpse of fantasy were video games actually, instead of books. More specifically, games like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. Later on, I would read fantasy books, such as Lord of the Ring and A Wizard of Earth sea. What truly intrigued me about these games were not the graphics or the play style, but more of the stories they tell. The lores and the characters that helped the story along inspired me to make a story of my own.

This story took about several years to finish with a new revision every year. It seemed as though it was never going to finish but I am incredibly happy with the final outcome! I hope this book will help inspire those who are interested and fascinated in the imaginary world of fantasy as I am. I hope it takes you to a wonderful world full of adventure, mystery, and wonder!

The Legend of Nia is about a young girl who, for her entire life, has had steal from others to keep her and her large, black horse fed. She travels from town to town and from kingdom to kingdom to find any jobs who are in need of her thieving talents. No matter how much she hated this terrible, difficult life, Nia accepted it in order for her to survive.

However, all it takes is one single moment to change everything.                  

Nia finds a beautiful, ancient sword called the sword of Yeshua, impaled on the ground that only she could carry. Now she bears the incredible burden of saving the entire world from a powerful entity called the Rogue Guardian. She goes on an incredible journey through unrecognizable lands, where she meets powerful allies and dangerous enemies.

On her journey, she struggles with the responsibilities that carrying the sword brings. Everyone sees her as a hero, their savior, but she fails to see it in herself. Her allies push her to become who she is destined to be, but in the end it is her choice to carry on or not. 

Fun little fact, the inspiration for Nia came from a little girl character in the game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I loved the way the character looked and I knew she would be the perfect fit for my main character. In fact, a lot of the characters in this story came from characters of my favorite hobbies. 

The future plans for this book is to make into a series with three parts about Nia, and two other books that takes place before Nia’s adventure even begins. I hope to have them finished within the next few years. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did writing it. 

Thank you!


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