The Incorruptible Seed of God | Gregory Martin Mcleod

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Featured Article | 9 comments

God had planted his seed of Faith into my heart earlier in my life, but I quenched God from my life and God couldn’t establish my Life the way he wanted too. One way of not having the incorruptible seed of faith to grow and establish in your life, would be that of trusting in the things of this world, more than, God to help it grow. Remember this;

God cant help a man, if the man is in the way.”

Let me ask this question. If, you were preparing for a marriage, perhaps, for yourself and your mate, your daughters or sons or any one family or friend, how would you feel if a stranger came through the back door eating of your wedding goods, and then the stranger took your bride and groom’s gifts? Well, I have heard many times of just that happening in society today. Yes, a thief coming to a marriage gathering without invitation and trying to destroy and steal from the groom and bride.

My friend, listen, there isn’t but one way to God and it is through the front door, invited. In the Holy Books of Matthew Chapter 22 and John 10, Jesus Christ gives great examples of someone trying to get to God the Father by another way than him; please read these great points sometime soon. My friend, no one will enter into the Table of Grace, but through the Grace, the Door, which is Jesus Christ. Any other way is liken into a thief that comes to steal and destroy at a marriage gathering. God’s Christ is the Light of the World and the Door to the Father God. Only by and through Christ Jesus will we every get to know the true Father, God.

Through Christ Jesus our seed of Faith can only grow by obedience to maturity. Through Christ, God’s Only begotten Son and Heir to all things under and in the Heavens by God the Father, will we every get the Light of Life for our seed of faith to mature. I call the Light of Life, “Obedience” and I will share much more on Obedience later. God the Father of All, holds the incorruptible seeds of Faith in his hand and he is the Great Husbandman of it. But, if a seed doesn’t have Sunshine or Life, it will lay dormant and possibly rot.                    

Now, when I finally got willing to let my seed of Faith grow in my life, that God had planted many years before time as a child, my seed’s roots are now getting well established and my life is producing much more fruit. Nevertheless, the roots from the seed of faith that God had planting in my little heart as a child, has experienced dry times and wets time, but the roots within my heart are much more stronger than they have ever been before and are still today growing deeper into God‘s Love and Grace.

I believe it is because I got willing to let go and let God work in my life. I believe with no doubt it was because of this one thing God‘s Holy Ghost said through me and melted me away; “Give your Life Away.” When I finally gave my all and all to the Creator of all Life through his precious Son, his Christ and the Savior of this World, the Son shined his Light into my dark hole. His countenance, and Brightness, that’s full of Grace and Truth, drew me to the surface and today, my seed of faith is growing into the likeness of an Large Oak Tree planted by his Rivers of Water.

My seed of Faith, since I got willing to let go and let God, has grown and it grows and grows, because of my willingness to let God do for me what I could not do for myself.


  1. Hummer

    I usually avoid religious books because some of them become too preachy. Good thing the author did a great job avoiding that route.

  2. Evelyn Bennet

    The title itself is already very interesting. I’ll be trusting your opinion and buy this book. Thank you!

  3. Alex

    Simply lies. This man is deeply troubled.

  4. Alex

    Very troubled. Needs psychiatric help.

    • Amanda Coats

      I agree.

    • Amanda Coats

      I would like to hear from the others in his life that he has made sound so sinful and what his part played into his experience. He sounds mentally disturbed.

  5. Melissa

    faith springs anew always

    • Miya

      I’m glad you found your own way.

  6. Amanda Coats

    I know some of the people he is indirectly talking about and it is not true. These are lies mixed with the Word of God to try and justify his mistreatment of them.


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