The Importance of Heartwarming Stories

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Heartwarming stories in children’s books play a vital role in the lives of young readers. There are many things kids can learn from reading heartwarming stories. This type of story will touch the hearts of readers and can sometimes make anyone cry. There are children’s books that possess a story that will move kids and their parents such as the grandpa Nick books by Lynda Daniele. One book was titled Grandpa Nick’s Bump that tells the poignant story of Grandpa Nick who is adored by four neighborhood children he cares for. This is a true story about the life of the author’s late husband, his coping with meningioma, and how he enjoyed life until his demise. Reading heartwarming warming stories in children’s books is important for many reasons.

A Chance to Learn

The first reason as to why heartwarming stories in children’s books are important is that it gives young readers a chance to learn. With heartwarming stories, children can learn from the life of the character of the book. The use of stories to pass down knowledge has been used for so long. The knowledge is enfolded in the narrative. Young kids will be taught and educated on different aspects most especially in life itself. At a young age, children do not have any idea what life truly is and how hard it can be. Kids, at their young age, are in the stage of learning on important matters. With heartwarming stories, children are taught of grief, happiness, and other vital things.

Develop Character

Schools develop a child from fairness, honesty, to good citizenship. However, building the character of a child is beyond their hands. Heartwarming stories have a great impact on young children. These stories will be the source for building and developing a child’s characters. Just like Lynda Daniele’s Grandpa Nick’s Bump, this helps a child to develop a strong and quality character. Telling heartwarming stories to a child will mold them into people of integrity, compassion, or even more. A child with a positive character will be the key to achieving their goals and success. The child’s character development will be the basis of personal growth and lifelong learning.

Teach Lessons and Morals

Telling stories has also been used for centuries to teach lessons and morals to children. Heartwarming stories in children’s books are a great way to impart valuable lessons and morals that any child needs in life. In Grandpa Nick’s Bump, readers are taught the lesson of caring for others and looking after those we love. These stories help young readers gain an understanding of human ethics and behavioral patterns. These lessons and morals will be the foundation of how the child will turn out as an adult. These are something that children will bring with them for a lifetime. These will also be the source of how these kids will make decisions when the time comes. Every parent wants to see their child flourish and be successful in the future. Times right now are challenging and difficult. With the valuable lessons and morals learned by kids in heartwarming stories, they will be able to effectively deal and get through the tough times of their lives.  

Mold Into a Better Person

Just like any other story, heartwarming stories in children’s books can help a kid become a better person. Every parent would want the best for their children and the best is for these children to become better people once they are adults. These heartwarming stories are important for a child to become a better person. Heartwarming stories tell the character’s story of joy, sadness, success, and even defeat which would inspire a child.


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