The DiMarco Incident, a modern whodunit by J. Salvatore Domino

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The book I am featuring today in The Authors’ Lounge is The DiMarco Incident. The DiMarco Incident is a mystery story told in the old-time whodunit fashion.

When Engineer Joseph DiMarco discovers a plan to defraud taxpayers and put the lives of innocent citizens at risk, he seeks to bring it to the attention of the public. But corruption can make men do unthinkable things. When threatened with being exposed, it can even lead to murder. When DiMarco goes missing, his former business partner, Ned Tabor gets drawn into the tangle. With the help of a small-town police chief, Tabor unwittingly begins an investigation that leads him down a path to corruption and murder. Tabor makes up for his lack of detective skills with cleverness and determination and quickly becomes an everyday hero. Aided by an unlikely band of enterprising associates, he seeks to find the truth and bring the bad guys to justice. The result is an interesting series of events that will have you wondering how it will all end.

This is an engaging narrative loaded with “ah-ha” moments. The cast of characters are so real you may recognize them as your friend, neighbor, or family member. If you enjoy clue-based, logical detective stories, you will enjoy this thought-provoking story.

The inspiration for this story came from my own life experiences. I meet so many intelligent people that just go about their everyday lives doing remarkable things that go unnoticed. I wondered what would happen if one of these people were thrust into a situation where they had to go outside their comfort zone to change the way they impact the world. The principal character in The DiMarco Incident was based loosely on a friend who is a brilliant engineer. I speculated how he would go about solving a murder mystery if they presented him with the challenge. It turned out to be a fun endeavor.

One of the questions I am often asked is, “Will I like your book?”. The DiMarco Incident is not a blood and guts thriller. Instead, it focuses on the human traits of deceit and greed. The characters are trying to solve a puzzle. Each one contributing pieces until a picture emerges.

The book is a novella sized work which makes it great for people, like me, that enjoy being able to read a story in a few sittings. I value my readers’ time by getting to the point without dragging the story on with scenes and characters that do not add to the story. My goal is for the reader to get a few hours of quiet enjoyment away from their day-to-day routine.

At this time, I published this book in eBook format. It is available on all popular digital book sites including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. I may offer it in paperback format in the future. As I am certain paperback will increase sales. I would love to see it become a big seller.

If you enjoy reading The DiMarco Incident, you may also enjoy my other works:

The Hard Place – an Adult Crime Fiction story about an insecure hitman.

I also have published a series of short stories under the umbrella title The Algorithm Man. This fun series follows our principal character Teddy ‘A-Man’ Douglas as he solves complex Cyber Crimes and helps bring the bad guys to justice. The books in order are:

  • The Algorithm Man – America’s Cyber Sleuth
  • The Algorithm Man – The Cerberus Solution
  • The Algorithm Man – If I Were a Rich Man
  • The Algorithm Man – Return of The A-Man.

Who is J. Salvatore Domino, and what should you know about him?

I spent nearly thirty years developing technical documents and training material. That skill set taught me to take complex subjects and make them easy to understand. After retiring from the corporate rat race, I began to share my ideas through my blogging site, “From the Outside Looking In”. Blogging allowed me to put a personal spin on a diverse collection of topics that touch the lives of my followers. I pride myself on making humdrum subject matter interesting.

Fiction writing allows me the opportunity to create my own players and storylines. Keeping my characters likable and writing stories that people can relate to helps me stay connected to my readers.

I am currently working on a full-length novel that I hope will become a waypost to the next page in my life. Keep your eyes peeled for its upcoming release.


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